Of Wendy Davis, Feminism, and Male-Minimizing

It certainly does a Democrat body good to be sucked up into the whirlwind of political rough-housing where phony personal resumes of romanticized goodness and glory are whipped away in a flash by the simple act of checking a few of the manufactured facts.

Wendy of Peter Pan

Ms. Wendy Davis, Democrat gubernatorial candidate for the state of Texas and poster princess for the Planned Parenthood approach to population control, has been telling a few tall tales about her personal journey through life, but hey, what’s a few feminist fables when there’s an election to win and a destructive ideology to foster.  The Wendy Bird (see Peter Pan) and her sad saga of poverty, personal struggle, and then her ultimate I-Did-It-On-My-Own victory, fell to earth on Sunday when the Dallas Morning News shot down her flight of fancy.

Davis was 21, not 19, when she was divorced.  She lived only a few months in the family mobile home while separated from her husband before moving into an apartment with her daughter.

A single mother working two jobs, she met Jeff Davis, a lawyer 13 years older than her, married him and had a second daughter. He paid for her last two years at Texas Christian University and her time at Harvard Law School, and kept their two daughters while she was in Boston. When they divorced in 2005, he was granted parental custody, and the girls stayed with him. Wendy Davis was directed to pay child support.

These little white lies are the icing on the cake that many of us like to spread onto our personal narratives.  But when you’re a politician running for a major office and when you’ve painted your face with the false stage makeup of I-Did-It-On-My-Own feminism, well, those little lifestyle fibs take on a brand new significance.  Whinging Wendy had the following comment about the Dallas Morning News story, basically blaming her political opponent for the surfacing of unsavory contradictions.

“We’re not surprised by Greg Abbott’s campaign attacks on the personal story of my life as a single mother who worked hard to get ahead,” she said. “But they won’t work, because my story is the story of millions of Texas women who know the strength it takes when you’re young, alone and a mother.”

So this slick chick is doubling down on the struggling single mother meme even though her so-called working class battle ended very quickly when she married a well-to-do older man with a big bank account.  Her second husband, Mr. Jeff Davis, an attorney, paid for the last two years of I-Want-It-All Wendy’s undergraduate degree and then paid for her Harvard law degree in addition to footing the bill for her living accommodations while in Boston.

Today, one year at Harvard Law School costs $52,350 in tuition and an estimated $26,495 for dormitory and overall living expenses.  The grand total for 3 years at Harvard (assuming no tuition or cost of living increases) is now $236,535.  Mr. Davis cashed in his 401k and took out loans in order to support his wife’s single-minded egotistical focus.  And don’t forget, while this Paragon of Personal Choice pursued her ambitions, Mr. Davis was caring for their daughter and the Wendy Bird’s child from her previous marriage.  Interestingly, this poor guy got dumped right after he made the final tuition payment to Harvard Law School. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left,” Jeff Davis told the Morning News.

Some folks might refer to Mister Jeff Davis as a Sugar Daddy or simply as a silly schmoe who got taken in by an ambitious gold-digger.  Well, maybe that’s what the War-on-Women Wendy took him for—as her financial jump-start to the big time in Texas.  After all, her husband not only paid for her Ivy League education, he also got her going with her law career, using his professional contacts to open doors for her.  But I prefer to tag Mr. Davis with the titles he truly deserves: Devoted Husband and Loving Father.  If there are any epithets to be tossed around here, it’s Weasel Wendy who should bear the brunt of them.

Which brings us to the War-on-Women and that feminist invocation of utter independence and self-reliance: A Woman Needs a Man like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.  In Windy Wendy’s case, a professional man with a bank account certainly came in pretty darn handy for achieving that big step up in life.  And it seems that men, especially high-achieving Alpha males, figure big time in the lives of such tough stand-on-their-own-two-feet feminist icons like Leave-em-Bleedin Clinton, Wampum Warren, and Plastic-Face Pelosi, three pretentious progressive madams who condemn the supposed patriarchal power structure while living out their financially well-to-do lives within the safe and secure context of male-supported and male-enabled success.  These Tootsies don’t stand on their own feminine feet and never have.  And they sure didn’t pull themselves up by their non-existent bootstraps—no need, for a familial male, whether husband, father, or ancestral Daddy did all the dirty work for them.  So when you sniff the strong smell of fish out of water, don’t be surprised—it’s only the paraphyletic feminists riding atop those state-of-the-art, peddle-driven vehicles all designed and built by those pesky old boys.

As a lesbian, I too have engaged in some of the same male-minimizing nonsense. After all, lesbians are supposed to be living in their women-loving-women world, where all the dyke sisters dance around the campfires in celebration of their carefree, out-of-context, estrogen-soaked sorority.  But in reality, yes back to reality, without men, us sisters wouldn’t have a pot to piss in when it comes to that silly little thing called civilization.  Like all women, we live our lives on the backs of a mostly male-created and male-maintained world of industry, technology, and scientific advancements.  Sorry girls, but biology really does mean business.

The feminist fairy tale proclaiming the fiction that gender is simply a cultural construct and that women are equal to or superior to men in all things is utterly laughable.  And framing men as either patriarchal bullies or pathetic Peter Pans thwarting the great and glorious goals of woman-kind is an old and crusty canard indeed.  Instead of pretending they got what they got all by their lonesome, these femme-fatalities need to acknowledge that they would never have made it to the top without the money, love, loyalty, and emotional support of MEN.

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5 Responses to Of Wendy Davis, Feminism, and Male-Minimizing

  1. Morgan Davis says:

    I agree with everything you said. Living in Texas I’m amazed at how few people “get” Wendy Davis for the person she really is.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    Wow! You said it all! I agree. Have you noticed that there is no bigger “War on Women” than in Hollywood where most women are done by the time they are 40 (Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, etc.) with faces that need to be maimed so they can keep up with the Joneses? As usual, Liberals just ignore that. And as black and white as Liberals think, if they aren’t Pro Life, they must be Pro Death.

  3. The_Kat™ says:

    Excellent take on Wendy Davis’s version of feminism. When I learned her version of her life – single teenage mother who worked her way through college with two kids and made her way to Harvard for her J.D. – I was pretty damn impressed. Imagine my surprise to learn she lied about when she got divorce #1, had the help of a sugar daddy to pay for her undergraduate college and Harvard tuition, her sugar daddy took care of her two girls while she was away at school, and then the pièce de résistance – she divorces her husband after the last payment is made on her Harvard tuition and HE gets custody of her two girls including her daughter by her first marriage. It brought to mind that saying “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Got me wondering what other skeletons are rattling around in that walk-in closet of hers.

    Then I understood why she is such a libprog darling. She lies, uses other people’s money to get what she wants and shirks her responsibilities.

    • Great summary. What a progressive princess! Walked away from her children–what a drag they would be to her personal ambitions. Yet, she’s attempting to claim victim status by virtue of being ‘a single mom’. What a joke! She dumped her kids on her husband for years and then divorced the guy, gladly unloading them permanently. Yet this harpy is attempting to use the ‘single mother’ status as a way to garner special class sympathy. Her opponent, Greg Abbott, is a paraplegic for crying out loud–talk about a life struggle. Progressives are truly despicable.

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