Father Phil Comes Home to Duck Dynasty

A&E finally came to the obvious conclusion yesterday that Phil Robertson and his Duck Dynasty family represented a much better investment for corporate financial prosperity than a nasty non-profit with an aggressive hate-filled conformity agenda.


Of course, A&E’s decision to ‘reinstate’ their biggest money-maker has made the little boys and the few token little girls at good old GLAAD very unhappy indeed.  Having ridden the big surf of political correctness for years now and having successfully boogie-boarded across those seemingly endless waves of corporate kow-towing, GLAAD is now finding itself floundering in an acid drop of public froth and derision.

And what is fueling the backlash against GLAAD is the out-and-out gall of this pseudo respectable pressure group in suggesting that Phil Robertson should undergo a little re-education, just a little cock-on-cock consciousness-raising for the oh so outspoken man of God.  Well, maybe it’s time for GLAAD and all its gay groupies to do some deep soul-searching of their own. But such an existential ponder for the preening pricks of GLAAD would pose a bit of a pickle.  You see, just like all the hate crime hoaxers and their cooked-up crimes, including the Matthew Shepard scammers, GLAAD must constantly validate its victim-hood status.  Screaming Hate! because a TV personality tells a magazine that homosexuality is a sin is simply how GLAAD earns its living.  Peddling conformity under the guise of tolerance is business-as-usual for the Hate Hustling Industry.

I also believe that the lynch mob mentality adopted by many gays when it comes to criticism is simply a defensive mechanism in response to their own self-doubts.  Total acquiescence to the gay is perfectly normal meme must be demanded and the mantra endlessly repeated by all and sundry lest a still and soft contrary voice be heard within their own psyches.

So when a public personality pokes fun at or pokes holes in the gay is good agenda, the self-righteous indignation voiced by many homosexuals is often nothing more than the manifestation of a loud-mouthed psychological insecurity.

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2 Responses to Father Phil Comes Home to Duck Dynasty

  1. Paula says:

    Wow. Gooood one. Missed these!

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