The Perfect Christmas Gift: Buy Her a Gun

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Concealed Carry

Concealed CarryThere’s just something about a woman’s hands wrapped around a gun.  I know we’re not supposed to say that….I know we’re supposed to focus on the serious side of handgun use, and of course, the toting topic is nothing to scoff at….and it goes without saying that no one, positively no one, should buy or use a handgun without the proper safety training….and yes, the very nature of concealed carry is a tremendous responsibility, but….

Having said all of that, I also have to say—my god, there is something so tremendously sexy about a woman with a gun.  You can’t even see the woman in the photo above, just her hands, and sweet holy mother, it is an absolute turn on!

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5 Responses to The Perfect Christmas Gift: Buy Her a Gun

  1. erins1911 says:

    As a firearms instructor, I especially appreciate this post as well as the words of caution about safety and responsibility. And yes, women with firearms can be sexy. I sometimes worry that I’m too sexy for my gun.

  2. Mary says:

    Could not agree more! I host girls night out at the gun range, we have so much fun, and I am getting more women to appreciate guns.

  3. Angie says:

    Amen, sister!

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