A Yuletide List of Blessings and Blunders

As we approach the close of yet another year, let us ponder the communal chaos that has shaped our daily lives these past twelve power-packed months.  And as we poke through the mound of political and cultural debris, let us not get discouraged nor put ourselves out of sorts.  For on closer observation, so much that is passing for liberal solid gold is nothing more than a bunch of worthless Democrat dross dubbed with a dint of lemon yellow tint.

Here are just a couple of highlights from 2013 that crossed my mind, a collage of cultural ups and downs mixed with political plusses along with a minus or two.


  • Obamacare stumbled upon the American healthcare stage sporting its not-ready-for-prime-time bare-assed assets of arrogance and hype.  And like all progressive models of moralizing big government monstrosities, this piece of Supreme Court sanctioned slap-stick simultaneously damned and delighted the American people with its feckless failures.

  • The Republican Party, that once-upon-a-time political mainstay for Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, continued its moronic march toward utter irrelevance and ineptitude as it placated its Beltway Buddies while ignoring its base.

  • Vladimir Putin showed all those silly hands-across-the-seas simpletons here in the good old USA that a wind-up Affirmative Action Doll from Academia was no mental match for a hard-nosed, KGB-trained, geopolitical, kick-ass strategist.

  • Lesbian Hustlers who attempted to gain prima-donna victim status as the helpless heroines of heterosexual ‘hate’, concocted evil accusations against innocent folks.  But one by one these pathetic losers were exposed as nothing more than attention-seeking, criminally dysfunctional and very stupid dykes.

  • Rush Limbaugh, that radio Talk Show paragon who has spent a lifetime seemingly oblivious to the correlation between politics and culture, finally took a personal whack at the Arts and Entertainment industry by writing a best-selling Children’s book about our American Pilgrims’ Progress.

  • Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus proved that turning oneself into a skanky slag is the only way for a female vocalist to make it big in the modern-day music business.  All that simulated sex just to sing a song.  Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Patti Page, Patsy Cline, Connie Frances, Sarah Vaughn—WE NEED YOU!

  • The Tea Party versus the IRS gave us a big time peek into the bureaucratic world of progressive-dominated government and its illegal use of political power.  But it also showed that Conservatives were finally getting in on the Non-Profit action and thus alarming the Lefties.  Better late than never.

  • The Gay Pander Parade continued its self-congratulatory course as Media and Corporate Crotch-Lickers climbed all over themselves in their rush to proclaim the Ain’t I Hip mantra.  These phony baloney WeatherCock supporters of all things gay preen themselves on their newly found profit-driven and risk-averse tolerance touting.  But we all know it only takes a slight shift in the cultural winds and these two-faced suck-up artists would start blowing their bucks up the backside of the Family Research Council.

  • The Emperor has No Clothes was the climactic revelation of the Year 2013.  The fairy tale character of Barack Obama and his magic mantle of unearned Ivy League legitimacy had blanketed him with imagined reams of intelligence and integrity.  But that non-existent weave of wool pulled over the hooded eyes of the naive and downright gullible got yanked by a repeated lie encased in just nine little arrogant words: If you like your plan, you can keep it.  It never occurred to any of the Obama faithful that this jumped-up presidential fraud was declaring that government would allow them to keep their health plan if they liked it.  Individual choice conferred by fiat.  Welcome to Progressivism.

Certainly, no crystal ball could have divined the stunning reversals faced by Obama and his inept administration.  So 2014 should prove to be, shall we say, a very interesting upcoming year.  Let’s enjoy.

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