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Happy New Year! It’s 2014!

My gosh, how time flies. Once again, we are left to rummage through the remains of one year while wistfully contemplating the vagaries of the next. Well, whatever ups and downs your dogged spirit might have mastered during these preceding 12 months, here’s wishing you and yours an even more fearless and fruitful new year. Continue reading

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Father Phil Comes Home to Duck Dynasty

A&E’s decision to ‘reinstate’ their biggest money-maker has made the little boys and the few token little girls at good old GLAAD very unhappy indeed. Having ridden the big surf of political correctness for years now and having successfully boogie-boarded across those seemingly endless waves of corporate cow-towing, GLAAD is now finding itself floundering in an acid drop of public froth and derision. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Continue reading

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The Perfect Christmas Gift: Buy Her a Gun

There’s just something about a woman’s hands wrapped around a gun. I know we’re not supposed to say that….I know we’re supposed to focus on the serious side of handgun use, and of course, the toting topic is nothing to scoff at….and it goes without saying that no one, positively no one, should buy or use a handgun without the proper safety training….and yes, the very nature of concealed carry is a tremendous responsibility, but…. Continue reading

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Gay ObamaCare Enrollment Video Features Crotches and Asses

Just when you thought the Obama Administration couldn’t get anymore obtuse and downright insulting in its sleazy manipulation of the gay community, out comes the Health and Human Services’ stereotypic depiction of young gay men prancing around in skimpy underwear as they check out each other’s wanton wares. Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty Rules!

America has spoken and Cracker Barrel, the gift shop and restaurant chain with a Southern theme, has listened. After yanking Duck Dynasty products from their store shelves in a knee-jerk reaction to the typical Gay Gestapo tactics, Cracker Barrel saw the monetary light. Their Tweeter feed this morning offered up the following announcement: Continue reading

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A Yuletide List of Blessings and Blunders

As we approach the close of yet another year, let us ponder the communal chaos that has shaped our daily lives these past twelve power-packed months. And as we poke through the mound of political and cultural debris, let us not get discouraged nor out of sorts. For on closer observation, so much that is passing for liberal solid gold is nothing more than a bunch of worthless Democrat dross dubbed with a dint of lemon yellow tint. Continue reading

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Winter Solstice 2013

And the Year Turns Once Again….Happy Winter Solstice! Continue reading

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