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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary

This Thanksgiving week also marks the 4-year anniversary of The Lesbian Conservative. Thanks to everyone out there in Internet space who has loyally followed my blog through all the political thick and thin. Continue reading

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The 50th Anniversary of the Death of C. S. Lewis

As media hacks bring out all the bells and whistles in their eager efforts to reinvent, re-frame, and then endlessly regurgitate the phony Camelot image of our 35th President (while studiously ignoring the Left-wing, Communist credentials of his assassin) let us turn away from such flimsy paper-mache portraits and ponder instead the honest persona of a humble soul who needs no public relations campaign to hawk his authenticity. Continue reading

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Veterans Day and the Price of Freedom

For one day, let’s ignore the greedy gimme-gimme and where’s mine minions of our 21st century entitlement world and focus on the men and women who have given this nation their blood and guts. Continue reading

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You Lie! Congressman Joe Wilson Got It Right

Remember plucky Joe Wilson, the South Carolina Congressman who shouted the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from the political peanut gallery during Obama’s healthcare speech to Congress back in September 2009? And remember how Joltin Joe was castigated and downright demonized, by Republicans and Democrats alike, for daring to declare in just two little words the complete sum total of the chameleon character standing at the podium? Continue reading

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