Matthew Shepard Murder—Not a Hate Crime After All

Matthew ShepardThe Gay Hate Crime Industry has been hitting more than a few bum-busting chuckholes of late as it steamrolls its way along that pricey 5th Avenue of incorporated, six-figure salary-making non-profit potboilers. From one manufactured fraud to another, the Gay Hate Hustlers have had their tatty victim-hood credentials soiled and sullied by an embarrassing array of gay hate hoaxes.  And now it would appear that the very icon of gay victim-hood, the poster boy for martyred homoerotic innocence, will be unmasked as just another sordid casualty of his own criminal lifestyle.

Stephen Jimenez is the author of The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard that will be released on September 24th.  Jimenez’s book, the title of which aptly portrays the evangelical fervor surrounding the murky mystique of Matthew Shepard, will outline some very unsavory facts about the boy-man martyr used by Gay Inc. as their political Jesus Christ.

The Gay Gospel of Matt would have the world believe that this poor unassuming boy stumbled into a hetero bar and innocently began chatting with two ‘straight’ men.  The two ‘straight’ dudes then took this little naive kid for a whirlwind ride in their big bad Red Neck pick-up truck with the intention of brutally killing poor Matty for simply being gay. Messiah Matt meanwhile thought he had found a little bit of male-on-male comfort to get him through that cold winter’s night.

Well, Mr. Jimenez has done his homework and after extensive research has come to some very heretical conclusions:

  • Matthew Shepard was a drug dealer selling Methamphetamines to the small town masses.

  • Matthew Shepard and the two men now serving life sentences for murdering him, were often seen together in a gay bar in Denver long before the night of his murder.

  • Matthew Shepard and one of his assailants had been friends and sexual partners and the two had engaged in a ménage à trois with the other assailant.

  • The two men who murdered Shepard had assaulted three other people while messed up on Meth.

  • The murder of Matthew Shepard was a falling out among druggies and sex-buddies over a Meth stash.

Here’s a little blurb about the author, Stephen Jimenez, from Amazon:

Stephen Jimenez is an award-winning journalist, writer and producer. He was a 2012 Norman Mailer Nonfiction Fellow and has written and produced programs for ABC News 20/20, Dan Rather Reports, Nova, Fox, Court TV and others. His accolades include the Writers Guild of America Award, the Mongerson Award for Investigative Reporting, an Emmy, and fellowships at the Ucross Foun­dation in Wyoming. A graduate of Georgetown University, he has taught screen­writing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and other colleges. He lives in New York and Santa Fe.

The Advocate offers a pretty even-handed review of Jimenez’s upcoming book.  The comment section for the review also offers an interesting range of opinions on this hate crime hoax.  As you’ll see, not every queer, whether in or out of the closet, walks in lockstep with the greedy guys and gals of Gay Inc.

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6 Responses to Matthew Shepard Murder—Not a Hate Crime After All

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    I put on my Liberal filter to listen to NPR. This morning they interviewed Stephen Jimenez about his book, “The Book of Matt”. Then they had Dave O’Malley, the lead police investigator in Laramie, Wyoming denying Matthew was a meth dealer. I guess ol’ Dave doesn’t want to get in the crosshairs of the gay crowd and our dear leader, President O-bomba, so to speak.

    • It’s all politics–and Mr. O’Malley has his reputation to protect. Did NPR expect him to say “yep, I fucked up and covered up the investigation”. Shepard is a non-profit industry now–but I think his whole victimhood image has been tarnished.

  2. veryopinionated25 says:

    I just pre-ordered the book. Looking forward to readding a different view on Mathew. Most of the comments from the Advocate are very narrow minded, although i am sure that they are a few smart queers out there!

  3. Paula says:

    One commenter said this book should be lumped in with “. . . Benghazi truthers . . . ” Sounds like a good book!

    I never did pay much attention to the MS frenzy.

    I’d not have seen this book if you didn’t post — thanks!

    • Yes, I saw that comment at The Advocate…amazing, isn’t it? The working man’s philosopher, Eric Hoffer best described such walking dead as True Believers.

      Another comment likened the Shepard apologists to the Lance Armstrong groupies who still refused to believe Armstrong had ever doped even after he admitted it. Spot on.

      • a.b. says:


        Before commenting (hope you do approve), let me say that I am not a religious person but I see something wrong with gay/lesbian conduct and I also see something wrong with transexuality-abolish sex changes. If you don’t mind, I will refer to him in this post as Methew Wayne Shepard. Here is what I must say.

        Some people are biased that when ugly truths about Methew W. Shepard are made, they get offended and let bias meddle with truths. Methew Wayne Shepard was a drug junky who used Crystal Meth is old news. It’s possible that he also sold it which is what this journalist believes after interviewing people who knew him. If this journalist had been an FRC journalist, gay/lesbian groups would say things such as that right wing journalist and how what he says must be dismissed because he is biased. People criticize this journalist for doing it for $ which is true, but $ motive is there for Shepard Foundation, Judy P. Shepard and Laramie Project are all about $. If Methew Wayne Shepard sold drugs as is believed, he was unlikely to tell friends and family about it-you don’t always know secrets friends and family have. But these other things about him are known long before this book came out.

        – Methew Wayne Shepard falsely accused a man of sexual abuse in August 1998, but he was not prosecuted for this. Excuses made for this was that he was drunk, had depression and could not remember. If the police and prosecutors had arrested and prosecuted him for this, then possibly his October 1998 killing by 2 men would not have happened.

        -Why he was killed, only he and his killers know. But it is a fact that Methew W. Shepard would have sex with young men while the young men were high on drugs and drug junky Methew Wayne Shepard himself sometimes used Meth-if a person is drunk or high on drugs that they can’t understand what they are doing, then it’s sexual abuse.A person who is high on drugs or so drunk that their thinking is impaired can NOT consent to sex.

        For consent, the person has to knowingly and voluntarily have sex with all their mental faculties working. Having sex with a person, while that person is high on Meth is rape or sexual abuse, if the person is so impaired that they can not understand what they are doing. Problem with proving this is that you get experts who will argue how lucid 1 was when they were high and or drunk that they could comprehend they were having sex vs. experts who argue how the victim’s judgment was so impaired when they were high and or drunk that they could not understand what they were doing and then jury decides which is credible.

        Methew Wayne Shepard likely sexually abused young men as he had sex with them when they were high on drugs. The gay journalist though made it out to be consent including where he says Methew Waynehew Shepard had a relationship with 1 of his killers (killer denies this)-but what the journalist did not consider or ignores ( in video interviews seen by me) is how impaired were the young men by the drugs Methew Waynehew. Shepard gave them? Methew Wayne Shepard (who was promiscuous including after he learned he had AIDS) had sex with young men after he lured the them with drugs, getting them high, and then having sex with them. Possibly in Methew Wayne Shepard’s mind, he rationalized it by thinking the young men consented but we do not know how impaired the young men were. While what this gay journalist says is informative (though most is old news), the problem here is that he makes Methew Wayne Shepard’s sexual encounters to be consentl when a case can be argued that Methew Wayne Shepard committed sexual abuse. Also Methew Wayne Shepard sometimes had sex with 16 and 17 year old boys when the consent age is 18.

        Do the people sympathizing with Methew Wayne Shepard see something wrong with him having sex with young men high on drugs? No he should not have been killed but who we must care more about are the young men including 17 year olds who Methew Wayne Shepard gave drugs to (possibly selling them). Whether or not he was also a drug dealer, if you can see nothing wrong with Methew Wayne Shepard having sex with young men while they were high on drugs and impaired that they couldn’t understand what they were doing, then there is something wrong. Methew Wayne Shepard also used drugs-we know that. Methew Wayne Shepard mistreated others as shown here.

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