Weiner’s Wife: Another Feminist Fraud

The Empowered Progressive Female

Weiner's Wife

She imbibed the Democrat Party’s faux feminist double-speak at the knobbly knee of that liberal icon of political prostitution, her mentor and role model, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  And neither public humiliation nor her husband’s ongoing penchant for photographing his penis for the public’s viewing pleasure will stop this showboating broad from advancing her career by hanging on like grim death to the political coattails and exposed dick of a power-hungry alpha male.

Cue Helen Reddy!  Yes, hear Huma roar!

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3 Responses to Weiner’s Wife: Another Feminist Fraud

  1. bunkerville says:

    I guess Hillary is looking pretty good to her right now! 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    I mean this, I’m a little sickened in the stomach by all this, on so many levels and not the least being HIM. YUCK!!! His voice alone is so awful. Didn’t she have a duty to marry and procreate with her cultural equivalent!? They went way too deep into the zone of TMI regarding how hard they worked to hold it together; therapy. Lots of therapy. Desperation! Yuck!

    • As Rush Limbaugh said today, these Lefty females have done more to demean women than any so-called ‘war on women’ from the Right.

      It’s one thing for a couple to work through a fidelity issue, but this kind of degenerate behavior is pathological and not fixed by a couple of months of ‘therapy’. Any woman who continues to link herself to such a man gets what she gets and deserves it.

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