Bill O’Reilly Blasts the Race Baiters

On Monday evening, Bill O’Reilly contributed his succinct words of wisdom to the conversation on race in America that Eric Holder and his culturally passé progressives have called for in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict.  But as O’Reilly aptly points out, the conversation that the Left is seeking is the same old gaseous wind-bagging where white limo liberals flagellate themselves over the sins of a society long gone and Latinos and Asians knuckle down in obeisance to the cult icon of the Black man as ultra-uber victim.

Mr. O’Reilly, however, has a bit of a different take on the forlorn fate of Black men in America, a viewpoint that I would dare to suggest is gaining some traction even within the insulated tombs of the liberal mausoleum mindset.

O’Reilly Rocks the Racism Rant

The orchestrated media outrage over the failure of the Zimmerman jury to cave in to the hang-em-high Left-over racists of progressivism has flown in the face of obvious facts, including: the racial genetics of George Zimmerman, the multicultural neighborhood where he lived, the overwhelming physical evidence of the case, the eyewitness testimonies, and an FBI investigation that found no racist component to the tragedy.  But none of these in-your-face facets could stop the grievance grifters from doing their damnedest to turn this sad incident into a Kafkaesque version of a 1950s white-on-black hate crime.

You got to know that America has indeed come a long way, baby! when the only incident of white racism that the social justice lynch mob can commandeer is an invented one.

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