MSNBC Tanks in Zimmerman Ratings

msnbcMSNBC, the cable network that bills itself as THE place for politics, is discovering that the heavy-handed progressive pull of its so-called news coverage just ain’t selling like it use to.  The Lefty true believers, including liberals and hardcore pro-regressives alike, apparently are finding it quite difficult these days to treat this fringe freak show of a network with any form of respect.  Yes indeed, the feel-good faithful have been publicly proclaiming its been-there-done-that boredom with MSNBC by simply not showing up for the ratings roll call.

At the height of the Zimmerman trial and its subsequent verdict, MSNBC found itself floundering way behind both FOX and CNN in viewer ratings.  It seems that as more and more racism rants rolled off the MSNBC social justice assembly line, its viewers were running out of on-demand foam-at-the-mouth reactions.  Can it be that even liberals are reaching their saturation point, feeling race-weary and downright exhausted by the endless manufactured divisiveness?

Caution: When you push a political agenda wrapped around an ideology that came into its own during the drug-infused 1960s, you take the big financial risk of eventually being caught with your time-will-tell pants down.  And right now, MSNBC and the social justice juju that it hawks, is stumbling over its bottom line breeches.  Like the maxims of Marxism and the totalitarian systems they birthed, the hard-and-fast fascism of a working ‘progressive’ philosophy that forever traps people in a prison of race, gender, sexual orientation, and multicultural good-or-evil contexts must face the ongoing rigors of a reality-based world and its ever shifting cultural sands.  Screaming Racism! every night to your advertisers and your audience is bound to lose its feisty fervor when the obvious facts don’t fit the hysterical fiction.

So when the only Ku Klux Klan ‘racist’ that the lynch mob at MSNBC could manage to scare up was the multiracial mug of George Zimmerman, was it any wonder that many liberals chose to change the channel?  Even pro-regressives get fed-up with the fraud.

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  1. Paula says:

    As Mark Levin calls ’em: MSLSD

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