The High-Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman

George ZimmermanNow that George Zimmerman has been found innocent of all criminal charges by a jury of six very courageous women, the American public, along with Mr. Zimmerman himself, will have to endure even more manufactured mania, all packaged and pushed by the hate-heads of pro-regressive TV.  And with the likes of such television dignitaries as Al Rev-em-up Sharpton tapping into the Eric Holder Social Justice Hotline, it looks like the media lynch mob is hoping to hang poor curious George with yet another made-to-order racist rope.

Sad, isn’t it, when high-tech, high-powered media conglomerates fall all over themselves to invent a race-based incident, self-righteously egging on those old tainted race hustlers of a by-gone era.  Sad and pathetic, that these White bastions of big money and uber privilege would publicly paint Mr. Zimmerman as a WHITE Man in Hispanic Sheep’s Clothing, even to the point of doctoring tapes, ignoring facts and falsifying others.  This 1960s ideology-driven junk journalism of today, especially the fetid garbage manufactured by NBC and MSNBC, has transformed news coverage into a pornographic pig sty of sensational lies and hyped hypocrisy.

But the bloated balloon of Get Whitey hysteria stoked by the adolescent Huff Po addicts suffering from academically induced dementia quickly lost most of its overheated bluster when the trial finally got underway.  It didn’t take long for most Americans, after hearing eye-witness accounts and the testimony of forensic specialists, to come to the obvious conclusion that the White Hispanic guy on trial for murder, manslaughter, and whatever else the prosecution and the judge could concoct, was acting in self-defense.

The jurors did their job well.  They treated Zimmerman and Martin as individuals, not as racial representatives of an outmoded social justice model that would predetermine guilt or innocence based on the ideologically-defined victim status of the parties involved.

Let’s hear it for American Jurisprudence!

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7 Responses to The High-Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman

  1. lou ann kelly says:

    I agree with all of you. How dumb does the President and the Media think we all are??

  2. Denise says:

    Another exceptional article! I need to go re-tweet now! ;-))

  3. Paula says:

    And don’t forget, Mr Presidenté (he prosecutor in chief) weighed in, and out (today’s blurb you’ll find in and around). He calls on America to honor TBM but no regret to Zimmerman.

    Good post!

    • Paula says:

      That is *The* not *he* when referencing le Prosecutor.

    • Ah yes, the great racial unifier. He’s the biggest sham ever perpetrated on the American electorate.

      • Paula says:

        Another broken promise! Wahhh wahhhh!

      • a.b. says:

        I do not believe it was Murder 2 and I do not believe it was a hate crime. No, Trayvon B. Martin had no right to hit George M. Zimmerman in the face several times and jury believed that George M. Zimmerman acted in self-defense. My reason for convicting George Michael Zimmerman of negligent homicide THOUGH HE ACTED IN SELF-DEFENSE is because as a security guard he did not follow rules which he was supposed to know when he was trained for this job and he should’ve ended pursuit when asked to and let cops take it from there.

        Yes, the jury did what they believe is right verdict. But his situation would’ve been avoided if he had waited for the cops to arrive and he knew this as a security guard. George M. Zimmerman once wanted to be a cop but my guess is a reason he wasn’t hired for police work is because he acts on his own & doesn’t believe in teamwork. The prosecutor overcharged him and what they should’ve done is argue to jury that once the dispatcher told George M. Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon B. Martin, he should’ve stopped.

        My reason for believing it’s negligent homicide is because the incident would’ve been avoided if George M. Zimmerman had waited for the cops to arrive and take care of Trayvon B. Martin and as George M. Zimmerman’s a security guard night watchman, he is held to higher care standard. George M. Zimmerman did not do that and instead acted on his own which he had no right to do. The prosecutor should’ve told jury that these are the rules security guards are to follow and George M. Zimmerman violated them. But prosecutor poorly tried this case by overcharging and while this was not Murder 2, George M. Zimmerman was negligent. Have talked to 1 cop who agrees with me that it’s negligent homicide because George M. Zimmerman’s held to higher requirement as a night watchman/security guard based on his training.

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