Happy Independence Day–With the Emphasis on Independence

Happy Independence Day!

4th of July FireworksAs the George the 3rd thugs of modern-day American politics attempt to devolve our nation into a tax-heavy bureaucracy of dependent drips and drones, let us take this special day of celebration to contemplate the true meaning of independence.  And unlike the adolescent licentiousness of the hip culture creatures that immaturely equate independence with unfettered do-as-I-feel-like freedom at someone else’s expense, us grown-up members of Western society know what it really takes to stand on the legs of our forefathers’ legacy.

And while we’re in a celebratory mood, let’s also congratulate the people of Egypt for their victory over the Morsi Muslim Brotherhood crew and its Islamist reign of terror.  For when it comes to the Middle East, a secular military dictatorship is always a better choice than an Islamic ‘republic’ that would force women and girls to live out their lives bundled up in body bags—a novel geopolitical concept that the multicultural Muslim apologists currently running the White House haven’t been able to comprehend.  Which of course, brings us to another reason to celebrate today: Obama is absolutely hated in Egypt!

Obama Supports Terrorism

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6 Responses to Happy Independence Day–With the Emphasis on Independence

  1. Paula says:

    My name is Barack Obama and I approve this message.

  2. veryopinionated25 says:

    No matter what We americans, straight or gay, black or white, or any other american will continue to not let us go down the drain. We understand what it means to be americans. Those of us that work hard for what we earn and have will always strive to keep America afloat and not let her sink!!

  3. Wisebeyond says:

    I wonder what will have to happen for all the people holding Obama up to finally let him fall. He has done so much damage to this Country… He grabbed the torche from Bush and picked up speed and destroyed any HOPE we had of recovery. The reason we are circling the drain and not going down is because of the portion of Americans that continue to strive… Fight.. And pray. I can’t understand gays… Blacks… Who continue to work long hours with NOTHING to show for all their efforts.. When are they going to connect the dots???

    • Good question…Mr. O is really looking like the sorry-assed incompetent that he is and not even the media can cover that up. It sense that the thrill is gone and the Dems are eager to latch onto their next standard bearer. Any takers that it’s Madam Clinton?

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