A Father’s Day Refrain: Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

Yes, it’s Father’s Day.  At least for now that is.  But who knows?   In just a few more dysfunctional years, we could be celebrating Sperm Donor Day.  Certainly, there must be a Care Giver Day in America’s fucked-up future.  Far-fetched and farcical?  Time will tell.

So while we can, let us celebrate this special day in direct opposition to the infernal march of the matriarchy.  And let us begin by asking and answering that age-old refrain of Where Have All the Good Men Gone?  

Of course, let us not forget all those tampon-packing Manginas out there and the Bitch Babies who use and abuse them.   And for those confused and frustrated males who might be seeking to break free from the ball-crushing testosterone-hating chick flick culture of ours, check out the Manhood Academy.  You won’t regret it.

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5 Responses to A Father’s Day Refrain: Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

  1. Alex G says:

    Where have all the good men gone? One word. Seminary. 😀

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    This whole thing is just sad. I can’t stand the lesbians who act like men (why not “gentlemen”?); the straight women who act like lesbians (curious?); all men who sit and watch porn until they can’t be bothered with any woman. Men didn’t just stand by and let this happen. They wanted all the sex they could get; they marched in the feminist parades and were rewarded with sex.

    Sex used to be the reward for marriage, but since commitment is a four-letter word for men AND women, sex now is the same as a date. I remember in the 60s, men I would talk to would say, “If I was a woman, I’d be a prostitute.” Well, here we are, sluts abound and where are men? Looking at porn because women are too much trouble. It’s not all the feminists fault and I can’t stand the feminists. The chickens are coming home to roost, boys!

    • You do have to wonder how low we will go before the tide begins to turn. The Left loves the dissolution of Dads in the family circle–it means that Dad in the form of big government needs to step in to provide life assistance to all those independently empowered ‘women’ who can’t seem to manage to care for themselves let alone their kids. But of course, it must be the fault of all that gender inequality out that. Sure it is.

      The concept that a matriarchy is some kind of paradise on earth–my god, all people have to do is check out the lesbian lifestyle and so-called community to see what a laugh-out-loud joke that idea really is.

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