Gang of Eight: Ted Cruz Cuts to the Chase

If you’re looking to hear some common sense talking points on illegal immigration, take the time to listen to Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.  Senator Cruz, in his clear, concise, and gentlemanly fashion, eviscerates the political potboiler that is the so-called immigration ‘reform’ bill put forward by the Gang of Eight.

We have George Bush to thank for the immigration mess we are in today—eight years of pandering to cheap labor business louts.  Bush’s bob-and-weave on the border issue has put Americans at the mercy of Left-wing Democrats and GOP candy-asses like Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

That the GOP would have Senators voting to give citizenship rights to millions of illegal aliens while granting them instant entitlement to state welfare checks, makes it damn clear that the battle for America begins with the traitorous Quislings within our own party.

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