Gay Marriage Protests in Paris Attract Hundreds of Thousands of Demonstrators

Pro-Family Demo May 2013As the Left-wing media attempts to downplay the blow-back over the passage of gay marriage in France by Francois Hollande’s Socialist government and as their tacky Talking Heads fall all over themselves to reassure us rubes out here in the hinterland that same-sex hitching is the latest wave of progressive social change sweeping the globe (AKA: and there’s nothing you can do about it, so don’t you hillbillies even bother to try), one senses a bit of unease, and dare I say, down right shock, coming from the tapping keyboards of the pro-regressive Fourth Estate.

The Guardian and NBC News titled their headlines with the word ‘thousands’ in characterizing the size of the Paris demonstration.  But at least Reuter’s pro-traditional family coverage salvaged a bit of professional honesty by portraying the demonstration quite accurately with the following screamer:

Several hundred thousand opponents of same-sex marriage marched in central Paris on Sunday against a reform the unpopular French government passed last month at the price of deepening political polarization.

I think Reuter’s neatly parsed analysis satisfactorily summarizes the situation in France right now, even though they just had to throw a little opinionated commentary in there by using the word reform.  Of course, Reuters, as well as the other pander-assing outlets, propped up its coverage of this huge anti-gay marriage demonstration by stating just how supportive the French people as a whole were of the same-sex marital scheme, referring to some unidentified survey purporting to show that the majority of the French citizenry enthusiastically say yay!

Pro-Family Jan 2013However, none of the news services identified the source of this be-all-end-all survey, nor who sponsored it, nor the ins and outs of how the survey was conducted. Apparently, the journalistic elite expect their retard readers to take this bit of politically motivated reassuring flim-flam at face value.  But I wonder who they were really attempting to console with this dollop of syrupy self-serving fantasy?  I have a feeling that the smoke-blowing-up-butt routine was for themselves as much as for their gullible readers.

And I just have to ask: did the Muslim community in France get to participate in this gay marriage questionnaire?  Gee, I wonder how all those 6.5 million Islamic Third World whiz kids of multicultural largesse would have responded to a yay or nay vote on gay marriage?  Any guesses?  Well, do the words gasoline and matches help to nudge your noggin?

Stop kidding yourselves, boys and girls.  Stop kidding yourselves.

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2 Responses to Gay Marriage Protests in Paris Attract Hundreds of Thousands of Demonstrators

  1. veryopinionated25 says:

    This is amazing how many people showed up. To be honest, i thought that France already had gay marriage in place way before anyone else did, but surprise, surprise!

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