Guns and Gays Shaking Up Seattle

Posters of gun-toting lesbians are mysteriously appearing all across the illiberal land of Seattle where soy latte sipping Lezzies of the ultra Lefty variety hold tight sway over the social reins of progressively approved thought processes.

Gays and GunsDear oh dear.  The Democrat enclave of West Coast alternative lifestyle political correctness is perplexed and alarmed over this strange and disconcerting experience known as Another Point of View.

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7 Responses to Guns and Gays Shaking Up Seattle

  1. Dirty Killa Phenom says:

    My worst nightmare. Lesbians with guns. :p

  2. Betty Butter says:

    I’d like to think a certain hard working Lesbian activist named Ruth Bennett had something to do with the inspiration behind those posters. For many years, she had fought on the side of freedom. In her youth, she worked for Republicans, then in the late 70’s she switched over to the Libertarians. And she did pretty well when she ran as a Libertarian candidate for governor of Washington.

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