College Student Expelled for Comments on Black Racism

If you were an eager beaver educator enrolled in a student teaching program as part of your college curriculum and you were introduced to your middle school students with remarks that included a negative reference about your race, would that bother you?  And if you dared to write about that racial remark on your Facebook page, would you then be surprised to find you had been accused of racism yourself?

Matthew Werenczak was completing his Master’s degree at the Syracuse University School of Education.  As part of his degree requirements, he enrolled in a student teaching practicum at Danforth Middle School in the city of Syracuse.  Danforth has a student population of 493 pupils, 403 of whom are African American.  Matt Werenczak is white.  Imagine Mr. Werenczak’s surprise when his European race was frowned upon in front of the student body by a black ‘community activist’.

For failing to subscribe to the nouveau racist anti-diversity catechism dictated by the Left-wing academic hierarchy, Mr. Werenczak was charged with heresy by the progressive inquisition.  His beaten and bloodied reputation was ultimately burnt at the stake of future career opportunities when Werenczak was expelled for failing to kowtow to a black man and for refusing to shuffle along like a good little guilt-ridden white boy.

But FIRE came to the rescue.  Congratulations to FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) for coming to the aid of Matt Werenczak.  And three cheers for Mister Werenczak for having the courage to COME OUT to the public with his predicament.

Let us not forget, that the foul odor of rotting academic ideology and its putrefying impact on the intellectual capacity of students, faculty, and our culture at large can only be cleared away by the clean fresh breeze of public scrutiny.

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