Women of the NRA—This Ain’t Your Old Man’s Outfit Anymore

Chicks Pulling the Trigger!
The New Face of the Gun Lobby

And the New Face of the Self-Empowered Female

Join the NRA now!  A yearly membership is just $35.  Here’s NRA’s Membership Link or you can call (800) NRA-2000.  Hey, maybe we should send this membership link to Sandra Fluke—now there’s one desperate dame who could stand a few good life lessons in how to be a real grown-up girl.

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15 Responses to Women of the NRA—This Ain’t Your Old Man’s Outfit Anymore

  1. veryopinionated25 says:

    Just found a cool new website from the NRA just for us ladies, check it out!! http://www.nrawomansoutlook.org/ … oh and be sure to sign up for their newsletter as well.

  2. veryopinionated25 says:

    Love the video! Yeah, shotguns have a kick to them and they do hurt like hell. Anyway, i joined the NRA when i got my first “personal protection” this past January.
    Also it is kind of hard to find any conservative lesbos around where i live… although i am afraid to even look because their are mainly libs around..ugh!

  3. Perry Palmer says:

    Here in Colorado we already have background checks and have had for years. After the last election and you wanted to buy a gun, you had to wait 10 days to take ownership of your new weapon because no one sells gun like Obama sells guns. Last month, I had to wait overnight for my new boom-boom stick.

    I joined the NRA as icing on the cake, but belonging to the NRA is like being in the gay society in the ’60s, you don’t bring it up in Liberal crowds, who now behave the same as terrorists.

    • I was at a social gathering of lesbians a few months back, in Mt. Airy, which is a neighborhood in Philly that serves as a ghetto for left-wing lesbians. Out of the blue, one of the women at the party mentioned she was giving shotgun lessons to a friend of hers. There was a shocked silence that lasted a fraction of a second until me and two other women all starting talking about our handguns. By simply opening our mouths and being ourselves, we reset the tone of that party. The lefty lezzies looked on in silent astonishment as we chattered on about target shooting, concealed carry, and other taboo topics within the phony baloney women-loving-women community.

      We are out there! But we have to stop letting the liberal lezzie bitches intimidate us into silence.

      • Mary says:

        I bring up guns all the time with my friends, the libs are a study 🙂 I just had a Girls night out at our local gun range, we had a blast! So much fun.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Remember Uncle Joey B. telling all women to get a shotgun? Maybe not. 😀

      • Great video! Uncle Joe is an idiot, but of course we all know that! A shotgun can easily knock any woman on her butt as this clip demonstrates. The AR-15 shown in the last few seconds of the video is far much easier for a woman to handle and to aim with accuracy. And you won’t get smacked in the face or shoulder by the recoil—as anyone even remotely knowledgeable about firearms would know.

        The lady who called into this show should sue Uncle Joe for endangering her family’s life by disseminating his dangerous hogwash.

        Does Doctor Jill Biden actually have a shotgun? Does Doctor Jill Biden actually shoot it? Has Daddy Joe ever fired a shotgun himself? Stay tuned for more silly left-wing soap opera…..

  4. Bev Larson says:

    I meant to say Immobilize not mobilize….such as “freeze, I have a gun”, this way, you hold them there until the police arrive….

  5. Bev Larson says:

    I was trained the NRA way in 1956 in South Dakota at age 14. I was shooting from age 12, hunting pheasants with my dad and his friends. I obtained a handgun in my early 20’s for protection and have been a member of NRA for that long. I have several guns, reachable from any room in my home quickly, have a permit to carry concealed and it is always on me…always and everywhere. I’m ready to mobilize with a shout out first, or if I have to, take down anyone who threatens harm in anyway.

    • Lou Ann says:

      Being raised in North Dakota in the 50’s and even today, it is no big deal to own 1, 2 or 3 guns, They are of course used for hunting. And you grow up with a respect for guns.

      I went deer hunting, and pheasant hunting. Started hunting with my dad and brother when I was 10. Guns are no big deal. It’s people that scare me.

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