Paris Riots Protesting Gay Marriage

If any lesbian or gay man believes that the issue of gay marriage will be neatly decided and nicely tucked away forever and a day by a convivial pro same-sex ruling by the Supreme Court or by a state legislature or by a state-wide referendum, then these happy-go-lucky ladies and gents of a queerly artless disposition should seriously reconsider their faulty flights of fancy.

Anti-Gay Marriage Riots in Paris

Any social issue that hits at the core of what many people see as a sacred institution or any legislation that is perceived as jeopardizing a foundational moral precept will always bob along on the tidal ebb and flow of public opinion.  Just like the abortion issue, gay marriage will serve as a political football kicked from one side of the playing field to the other with the fans in the stands booing or cheering as the fickle shifts in the communal mindset dictate.

The riots in Paris over gay marriage last night were not the first time that young people, yes, young people, took to the streets to protest the legalization of same-sex unions.  Which should put an end to the stupid supposition that it’s only the old fogies in our culture who stand in the way of ‘progress’ and that once those reactionary relics finally hit the dust, the great gay way will be free and clear.  Dream on, suckers!

Take a look at the video and see if you can spot any old geezers in the crowd.  There ain’t any!  This is the younger generation taking to the streets for the cause of traditional marriage.

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23 Responses to Paris Riots Protesting Gay Marriage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Simple solution. Everybody gives something up for the sake of a solution.

    Amend all “marriage” legislation. Replace the word marriage with “civil union”.

    If anyone wants to get married the decision shall be up to the church whether they qualify or not.

    Heterosexuals, Gays, Trannies, Lesbos, etc. Will all have to apply the same way for a “civil union” in order to get government benefits even if they are already religiously married.

    Everyone has the same rights and everyone should be happy.

    However, even with this solution, you will find someone who wants to complain about inequality. In fact, it’s much more convenient for politicians to have us argue over it every day instead of propose a simple solution such as the one I described above.

    The reason why gay marriage shouldn’t be legal (in my eyes) is because religious institutions are the one who set the rule of marriage in the first place. They own the “patent” to that sort of thing in my eyes and anyone who wants to say they should qualify for marriage should go try to ask an Ivy league school, or any university for that matter, for a free ride. On top of that they should ask for a Ph.D. without finishing any of the classes. Which is essentially what “gay marriage” is. It’s a legal right to qualify for something without meeting the qualifications set by the institution.

  2. BT says:

    As a straight guy who is married with 4 kids, TV is crazy, the news is crazy and people are crazy. Even though I cannot grasp homosexuality, I can grasp humanity. The problem with all activists is they want it all, and they want it now and the lunatic fringe always guides the argument. If the gay marriage cabal had started with civil unions, taken the marriage word out of it, there would have been a lot less humbug. Then somewhere down the road, it could have been bridged. ( live to fight another day) as it were. I believe one of the reasons we still have so much racial strife is that some items were brought along to fast. It actually hurt the black community a lot worse being given affirmative action/welfare etc.. Every stat in their community today concerning all the bad stuff ( crime, life expectancy, business ownership, etc…..) is worse than it was 50 years ago. It is very sad. Rome wasnt built in a day, but it was certainly destroyed much faster than it was built.

  3. Ben says:

    Viva France

  4. Perry Palmer says:

    Sometimes I think that it’s a way to draw gay people out, identify them and round them up later. There is something very sinister in the air. Lay low, I say.

  5. veryopinionated25 says:

    Now i know everyone here knows that gay is a lie, but i found a story from the blaze called “Lesbian Activist’s Surprisingly Candid Speech: Gay Marriage Fight Is a ‘Lie’ to Destroy Marriage”. When i heard the audio it made me sick the way she described her lifestyle! Here is the audio..

    • Masha Gessen and her ilk are indicative of what’s so very wrong with this whole gay circus today. These middle/upper class pretentious intellectual bitches have dominated the lesbian ‘community’ since the 70s. And like all progressive spoiled brats who think themselves so superior to the rest of us, they demand that the world conform to their warped visions.

      We’re already living with the redefinition of marriage with single moms, abortion mills, absent sperm bank dads, divorce on demand. So heck, why not polygamy, why not incest, why not….why not….why not….

      As my brother-in-law is so fond of saying: We’re recreating the world to suit the carnival freaks.

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        Okay, so how in the heck can we put a stop to this gay circus? It’s getting very obnoxious.

        • Jim Hlavac says:

          One way to put the stop to the lefty gay circus is the same way to put a stop to the lefty heterosexual circus — I suppose that’s what every righty is looking to do, somehow. That there are gay leftists should come as no surprise — after all, there are heterosexual leftists — smooching has nothing to do with politics. However, alas, both sides of the aisle seem to believe that all gay men and women think alike and that we are all part of the “LGBT community” with the exact same agenda. The left has figured out there are votes and money in our crowd, while the right seems to refuse to ask for our votes and money — and often tells us to go vote for the other side.

          Perhaps when the right realizes that the smooching is not the issue, but the politics, then they will get more of our votes and money — and they will find that there are far more Liberty leaning gays and lesbians than might be supposed by the “LGBT community” bombast. I know too many conservative gay men — whose only dilemma is the way the right talks about us. So, if you want to end the circus — start to talk to those who might strike the tent — and stop telling us to join the clowns.

          • Very good points, Jim.

          • veryopinionated25 says:

            Good points Jim, however i am gearing this more toward our own community. How can we stop the gay left from destroyng our sense of individualism. Basically, how can we show society that we the gay right are different the those crazy, whinny, left minded gays and lesbians, while staying on the down low?

      • Brian Topp says:

        ooooooo…We’re recreating the world to suit the carnival freaks. I am going to have to use this one….It’s not us recreating it though, it’s the media and politicians, who are financed by the NWO and/or Illuminati.

  6. A.Men says:

    Duck Dynasty values rule in America and else where.

    • Amazing that a reality program that didn’t involve endless obscenities, showboating, and bad behavior would out rank them all in ratings. Maybe America is getting just a little tired of the down-and-dirty approach to TV programming. Even Glee is way down in the ratings–could it be that America has gotten bored with the endless gay day celebration?

  7. veryopinionated25 says:

    This is very surprising to me.. I thought that they already legalized it, but i guess not! Also, it’s a surprise to me that the younger generation is for traditional marriage.

    • The younger generation is turning out not to be a homogenous mix as the media shows/tells us—that’s what they want to project so that everyone believes their way is the predestined way of the future. it just ain’t that simple.

  8. Something wicked this way cometh. I can’t imagine this planet twenty years from now. I’m not sure it’ll make twenty, but if it does, I envision a burnt landscape or a really dumbed down and captive society. Its hard to envision a free future these days. From a human and fleshly point of view at least.

  9. Hello Jeanne

    Yutes out having some fun. As I was watching I kept thinking of brush fires. This world is teetering on the verge of something not very nice. Just my opinion as always. Good to see you blogging again, Jeanne.

    • Hi Terry,

      Yep, I agree–I think the social issues envelope has been pushed too far. We’re not use to seeing folks violently protesting in the streets in the name of traditional values. There is something stirring and it may take years for the full force of it to manifest. But something is definitely stirring.

      • BT says:

        It reminds me of the term ( Poking the bear). The whole world is upside down and people are starting to get scared. Normal people, who work hard and love their families. They are being pelted with horrible crimes, out of control government actions, taxes, obscene prices, disrespectful youth , child molestors, kidnappers, beheadings etc etc… maybe the entire gay rights thing is another straw on the camels back to many people. I feel like there is going to be an event of some sort or a series that starts an incredibly ugly backlash, Maybe against muslims for a terror event or who knows what. I just wish everyone would go home, go to work, love their family , do positive stuff and become isolationist for about 5 years to get back to some sort of square.

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