Why Are the Majority of the Left’s Top Journalists Jewish?

Moby DickAn interesting question raised by the iconoclastic and ever irreverent Jim Goad of Taki Magazine in his latest commentary on the pathetically jaundiced journalism of the Left’s slimy salivating over the bombing in Boston and its gleeful hand-rubbing at the hoped for sighting of that Great White Whale of liberal fiction, that Moby Dick of the Democrat devotees of the terror double standard—the evil Right-wing Conspiracy!

As they hero-worship the for real White homegrown terrorists in our midst, the likes of Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Kathy Boudin, all of whom were rewarded for their terrorist services to the Left-wing cause with cushy jobs in academia, and as they boisterously bellow on and on over the 3-D specter of white privilege, the illiberal non-diverse brothers and sisters of the Pravda profession clearly defy the very diversified ideology they consistently claim to champion.

You decide if Goad is gold.  Check out the crème de la crème of the propaganda hit parade, aka the Left’s Top 25 Journalists.

Here is Jim Goad’s take on the self-hating White Witch Hunt in Let’s Hope the Next Bomber is a Liberal Journalist:

Could it be that the leftist media downplays, or even ignores, such acts of terrorism (from the Left) because that part of the media is egregiously stacked with a wildly disproportionate quotient of a specific minority Who Must Never Be Named Under Threat of Eternal Damnation?  Perish the thought!  (My Jew-sniffing dog sometimes makes mistakes, and it’s not as if Americans of that ancestry always advertise their heritage, but to the best of my research skills I counted anywhere from 13 to 19 “Chosen” peeps from the 25 on that list, which would comprise 52% to 79% of the total and thus a whopping statistical over-representation of anywhere from 2600% to 3950%. And there’s not one black person on that list.  Holy mackerel, Andy!)

Maybe if you’d been able to restrain yourselves from endlessly screaming about the unique evil of white people, I wouldn’t have started to look into exactly who was doing most of the screaming.  Since you apparently can’t help yourself from continually profiling me, don’t cry foul when I start profiling you.  And I don’t think it qualifies as imagining there are Jews in my sandwich when anywhere from half to three-quarters of the hoagie you’re feeding me is stuffed with kosher meat.

It seems evident that the tireless bashers of everything white and male don’t view white males as a powerful oppressor so much as an easy target.

Joe McCarthy was right!

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1 Response to Why Are the Majority of the Left’s Top Journalists Jewish?

  1. MDinLA says:

    Now many on the left think they are journalists, however, I would make only one correction to the title of this list – these people are not journalists – they are commentators, hence their ability to be unapologetically “left”. The fact that such a high percentage are left is not surprising. Remember Quislings sent Jews to the gas chambers – and will do so again. May they rot in hell.

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