Bill Maher, the Boston Bombers, and the Hate Hustler

Meet Brian Levin, Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University.  Brainless Brian is also a grade-A multicultural jackass and a prime example of the pseudo-intellectual posers that are a dime a dozen throughout academia today.  Although Maher treats this Islamophiliac with undeserved deference, Mister Bill lands some good political punches on the puss of this witless wonder.

This credentialed cretin couldn’t spot real hate if it hacked his head off.  And did you pick up on the crack Levin made about Pamela Geller?  His snide remark went nowhere, however—neither Maher nor the audience knew who he was talking about.

Just another taxpayer-supported Academic Apparatchik.

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1 Response to Bill Maher, the Boston Bombers, and the Hate Hustler

  1. wisebeyond says:

    Sometimes you need to go to a book or utilize any other sources of information to gain knowledge. Then there are the times when your head and your gut ‘just know’. My head and my gut are in complete agreement on most everything that Maher says… that being stupid at the very least and dangerous in many ways. How does handing over your ‘everything’ to a government… ANY GOVERNMENT, turn out well? I would like for him to start… show us the example of how turning over each of his rights (not just the ones he chooses) but ALL of them to his government.
    First they will give him his EBT card and they will provide him housing. Then he pretty much gets to sit around all day and wait for the next handout. While his government uses his millions “fairly”. To make it interesting lets imagine that George W. Bush is still our President.

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