The Boston Bombers and Kathy Boudin: A Tale of Three Terrorists

Kathy BoudinAs the good folks of Watertown, Massachusetts cheer on their police force and give thanks to Almighty God that their suburban town has men and women of courage and character helping to rid their little world of the rabid dogs of demonic terrorism, the mushy-headed media is busy with its specious speculations, trying to figure out how two young men raised in America could have turned out to be such vociferous haters of the very country that gave them safety and asylum.

What a short attention span our media moguls seem to have when their Left-wing historical facts fly in the face of hard-core reality.  Well, here’s a little walk down memory lane as seen through the eyes of a man who as a nine year-old boy lived through the terrifying violence of Left-wing terrorism.  And it all happened right here in the good old USA perpetrated by homegrown White Middle Class Left-wing brats.  And yes, Kathy Boudin, currently serving as Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, was the Marxist mother of this terrorist cell calling itself the Weather Underground.

Here is the compelling commentary by John Murtagh in his article entitled, Tale of Two Terrorists, that appeared in the New York Post the other day.  Mr. Murtagh, the son of a New York State Supreme Court Justice, was nine years old when his father was targeted for assassination by Kathy Boudin and her fellow Weather Underground terrorists back in 1970.

Forty-three years ago last month, Kathy Boudin, now a Professor at Columbia but then a member of the Weather Underground, escaped an explosion at a bomb factory operated in a townhouse in Greenwich Village.  Three weeks earlier, Boudin’s Weathermen had firebombed a private home in Upper Manhattan with Molotov cocktails. Their target was my father, a New York state Supreme Court justice.  The rest of the family, was presumably an afterthought.  I was 9 at the time, only a year older than the youngest victim in Boston.

Despite the misgivings of some, it is reported that Kathy Boudin urged the use of “anti-personnel bombs.” In other words, she wanted to kill people not just damage property.  Before they could act, her fellows were killed in the townhouse explosion. The townhouse itself collapsed; Boudin fled.

She reappeared over a decade later driving the getaway car for the rag tag mix of Weathermen and Black Panthers who held up a Rockland County bank in 1981, murdering three in the process. Survivors of the ambush along the New York State Thruway recount how Boudin emerged from the driver’s door, arms raised in surrender, asking the police to lower their guns. When they did, her accomplices burst from the back of the van guns blazing.

Other than the passage of time, one can find no real distinction between the cowardly actions of last Monday’s Boston murderer and the terror carried out by Boudin and her accomplices. Yet today we live in a country where our leading educational institutions see fit to trust our children’s education to murderers and Hollywood sees fit to celebrate terrorists.

Who is this murdering Medusa who thought she could kill and maim people in the name of her ideology?  Well, here’s an enlightening mini biography of Kathy Boudin courtesy of Wikipedia.

Note that Wikipedia refers to this Bomber Bitch as a radical, not a terrorist, not a murderer, not a killer, but a radical.  You see, when radical is used as the descriptor of choice, automatic credibility and justification of sorts is granted to the killers of cops, kids, security guards, government officials, businessmen, and ordinary Joes and Janes out for a day of fun.  So when the media and their academic partners in crime anoint a butchering bitch or bastard with the euphemistic title of political radical, you can bet your bottom IED that these human shit bags are murdering the masses in the name of whatever load of du jour garbage is currently being served up on their anti-American menu.

Kathy Boudin was born on May 19, 1943, into a family with a Muslim mother and a 1/2 Jewish Father, with a long left-wing history, and she was raised in Greenwich Village, New York. Her great-uncle was Louis B. Boudin, a Marxist theorist. Her father, attorney Leonard Boudin, had represented such controversial clients as Judith Coplon, Fidel Castro, and Paul Robeson.   A National Lawyers Guild attorney, Leonard Boudin was the law partner of Victor Rabinowitz, himself counsel to numerous left-wing organizations. Kathy’s older brother, Michael Boudin, is currently a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.  She is journalist I.F. Stone’s niece.

Kathy Boudin attended kindergarten at the Little Red School House and its high school, the Elisabeth Irwin High School in Manhattan. Although she went to Bryn Mawr College intending to prepare for medical school, her interests quickly turned to politics. 1965, her last year at Bryn Mawr was spent studying in the Soviet Union. She was paid 75 rubles a month by the Soviet government and, according to her résumé, taught on a Soviet collective farm. Kathy Boudin also attended receptions and functions with her parents at the Cuban Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Ah, Bryn Mawr College, the academic cradle for so many female Marxist maniacs and such a haven for matriculating super brainy baby butches and their straight lesbian-for-a-semester femme fatales.  But I digress……

There will be some, of course, who say that the Bomber Bitch has served her time and we should all move on and FORGIVE and FORGET.  But somehow, I don’t think that a woman who by rights should have been executed (none of the Weather Underground terrorists faced execution), should now be awarded a prestigious professorship at an Ivy League university in recognition of her services to humanity.  Here is Columbia School of Social Work’s blurb describing Bomber Boudin’s credentials.  Be prepared to vomit.

Dr. Kathy Boudin has been an educator and counselor with experience in program development since 1964, working within communities with limited resources to solve social problems, and supporting individuals to overcome their own odds and develop a sense of strength and direction. Dr. Boudin has focused her work on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and criminal justice issues including women in prison; mother-child relationships and parenting from a distance; adolescent relationships with incarcerated parents; restorative justice, and higher education and basic literacy inside correctional institutions.

Dr. Boudin is employed by the Center for Comprehensive Care, HIV AIDS Center, at St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital where she is developing programs related to health care for people who are HIV Positive and counseling patients individually and in groups. She is currently a consultant to the Osborne Association in the development of a Longtermers Responsibility Project taking place in the New York State Correctional Facilities utilizing a restorative practice approach.  Dr. Boudin also has been a consultant for Vermont Corrections, the Women’s Prison Association, and Family Justice.
She has provided training and supervision to social workers as they work with individual people in prison.

She received her Ed.D. from Columbia University, Teachers College.

No mention of her 20-plus year sabbatical in a US prison.  No mention of just how she got an Ed.D from Columbia while incarcerated for heinous crimes nor who paid for the diploma.  And by the way, she’s on the lecture circuit—she gave a talk at NYU Law School just the other week where she was hailed as a celebrity hero.

Mind-boggling, isn’t it?  So I’ve got to ask, what are we going to do about it?  At least the relatives and survivors of the Weather Underground’s murderous terror acts demonstrated outside the event while the Bomber Bitch gave her talk at NYU.  And the Boston Marathon bombings have at least temporarily put a bit of a damper on future Ivy League lecture tours for this smug arrogant killer.

And maybe that’s the one horrible positive to come out of this horrendous terror attack in Boston.  For it took the horror of 9/11 for those IRA-supporting Irish Americans to wake up to the gruesome reality of the murder and mayhem that they were helping to fund across the pond.

It would seem that when terror attacks blow your own friends, family, and neighbors to smithereens right there in your own home town, it sort of wipes off the shiny ideological gloss of that Marxist anti-American apple that the media just loves to polish.  It only takes one close-to-home horror for most folks to see the worm-eaten core of academic malfeasance.

Joe McCarthy was right!

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2 Responses to The Boston Bombers and Kathy Boudin: A Tale of Three Terrorists

  1. winifer skattebol says:

    I was living on West 11th Street when she blew up the house (I was 12 years old). Later went off to Bryn Mawr myself, and got out, thankfully, before it went completely left-wing and PC. Was OK till about 1980.

    • Bryn Mawr was and is a haven for this type of ‘activism’. And Philadelphia ended-up hosting one of the Weatherman after she served time for her part in the Boston bank robbery that ended in murder–Susan Saxe. She was treated like a celebrity.

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