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Paris Riots Protesting Gay Marriage

If any lesbian or gay man believes that the issue of gay marriage will be neatly decided and nicely tucked away forever and a day by a convivial pro same-sex ruling by the Supreme Court or by a state legislature or by a state-wide referendum, then these happy-go-lucky ladies and gents of a queerly artless disposition should seriously reconsider their faulty flights of fancy. Continue reading

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Why Are the Majority of the Left’s Top Journalists Jewish?

An interesting question raised by the iconoclastic and ever irreverent Jim Goad of Taki Magazine in his latest commentary on the pathetically jaundiced journalism of the Left’s slimy salivating over the bombing in Boston and its gleeful hand-rubbing at the hoped for sighting of that Great White Whale of liberal fiction, that Moby Dick of the Democrat devotees of the terror double standard—the evil Right-wing Conspiracy! Continue reading

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Bill Maher, the Boston Bombers, and the Hate Hustler

Meet Brian Levin, Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University. Brainless Brian is also a grade-A multicultural jackass and a prime example of the pseudo-intellectual posers that are a dime a dozen throughout academia today. Although Maher treats this Islamophiliac with undeserved deference, Mister Bill lands some good political punches on the puss of this witless wonder. Continue reading

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The Boston Bombers and Kathy Boudin: A Tale of Three Terrorists

As the good folks of Watertown, Massachusetts cheer on their police force and give thanks to Almighty God that their suburban town has men and women of courage and character helping to rid their little world of the rabid dogs of demonic terrorism, the mushy-headed media is busy with its specious speculations, trying to figure out how two young men raised in America could have turned out to be such vociferous haters of the very country that gave them safety and asylum.

What a short attention span our media moguls seem to have when their Left-wing historical facts fly in the face of hard-core reality. Well, here’s a little walk down memory lane as seen through the eyes of a man who as a nine year-old boy lived through the terrifying violence of Left-wing terrorism. And it all happened right here in the good old USA perpetrated by homegrown White Middle Class Left-wing brats. And yes, Kathy Boudin, currently serving as Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, was the Marxist mother of this terrorist cell calling itself the Weather Underground. Continue reading

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