Resurgence of Traditional Catholicism: The Latin Mass

Passion Week is upon us.  And this holiest of holy weeks of the Christian calendar is a very fitting time to acknowledge the undercurrents of change that are sweeping through the deep catacombs of the Catholic Church.  Change that signals a return to ancient tradition and a resurgence of core Catholic beliefs.

The appeal of the Latin Mass to so many younger members of the Catholic faithful is one of those key elemental shifts in the Church today that signals this traditional reawakening.  The revival of sacred ritual expressed through the sacred language of the early Church is a growing phenomenon, while at the same time, parishes with protestantized services are losing members by the droves.

The video below highlights some of the frictions and factions within the Church hierarchy and among its laity in America today.  And as you’ll see, the Traditionists are taking off the gloves and going for the progressive jugular with a blessed vengeance.

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