Abortionist Gosnell Goes on Trial—His Attorney Cries, Racism!

Gosnell Mug ShotKermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist who is facing the death penalty on eight counts of murder for allegedly killing born alive babies at his house-of-horrors ‘clinic’ in West Philadelphia, went on trial this past Monday.  And his defense attorney, Mister Jack McMahon, wasted no time in declaring to the predominately black jury that his African American client was an innocent victim of racism.

This is a targeted, elitist and racist prosecution of a doctor who’s done nothing but give back to the poor and the people of West Philadelphia.  It’s a prosecutorial lynching of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

Targeted, elitist, racist, lynching—my oh my, McMahon sure managed to jam plenty of malarkey into that two-sentence ham sandwich of his, which of course he hopes will be ravenously consumed by every black person sitting on the jury.

But let’s be fair now….Jack the Lad must surely be speaking from his deep-seated concern that all god’s children should see the right side of justice.  And just as surely, he must be expressing his powerful personal commitment to American jurisprudence.  Yeah, right.

Get a load of Jack the Legal Eagle in this video clip from 1986 when this phony light bearer for the black community was serving as an Assistant DA.  This tape in its entirety was used by his political opponent during McMahon’s losing run for the office of District Attorney.

The prosecution in the Gosnell case has laid out their charges very clearly, showing just how this abortion entrepreneur gave back to the People of Color in West Philadelphia.  Gosnell stands accused of:

  • Running a rogue ‘clinic’ where he performed late-term abortions which are illegal in Pennsylvania.

  • Maiming young women through his own incompetence and the use of untrained staff.

  • Using outmoded drugs and improper methodology forcing women to deliver live babies that were then killed by his staff with scissors.

  • Causing the death of a refugee woman from Bhutan when his staff gave her a lethal dose of anesthesia and pain killers.

Well, as we all know, in today’s progressive wasteland of slimy sloganeering, one person’s baby killer is another chump’s champion of women’s rights.  So stabbing crying newborns with a pair of scissors, perforating women’s wombs and bowels, and infecting young girls with STDs could actually mean that poor old Creepy Kermit is headed for instant stardom on the liberal hit parade.

Perhaps the white women at Planned Parenthood will declare Gosnell their Population Controller of the Year.  And perhaps the Caucasian chicks at the National Organization for Women will praise Brother Kermit for taking a pair of scissors to those pesky colored kids who dared to be born alive.

It’s a topsy-turvy world out there, ladies and gentlemen, and anything is possible in our through-the-looking-glass reality of today.

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3 Responses to Abortionist Gosnell Goes on Trial—His Attorney Cries, Racism!

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Now that Colorado isn’t the “hate state” anymore (that’s what gays called it because of the gay marriage ban); a civil union bill was passed by our gutless governor yesterday along with a limit on gun magazines and other anti-weapons bills. Colorado is now the most liberal state in the union.

    We are now the pot state, the radical-anti-gun state and the possible no-death-penalty state.
    About the death penalty; there are three lowlifes on death row including Nathan Dunlap who went into a Chuck E Cheese in Aurora, Colorado in 1996 and murdered four people.

    The extremely left leaning Denver Post, is all for doing away with the barbaric death penalty, but murdering hundreds of thousands of unborn babies every year is truly acceptable.

    Topsy-turvy is right! We have become the United States of Barbaria.

  2. Cathy Smith says:

    Someday a great many people are going to have to give an accounting of their actions on earth and it ain’t gonna be pretty, folks. I don’t care if it is at the moment of conception or in the 8th month of gestation, she isn’t pregnant with a dog or cat. She’s pregnant with a human being who deserves to be born, to live, and to die only at God’s hand, not ours. I am so sick of people trying to justify abortion at any stage of pregnancy. This idea of “choice” makes me sick. How about “choosing” to use a contraceptive, ladies? I think you can still get freebies at various agencies. And for people to elevate abortionists to the level of hero status is beyond my comprehension.

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