Judge Judy Confronts the Minority Hand-Out Hustle

Judge Judy zeros in on the corrupted crux of the welfare entitlement mentality.  This video is a 7-minute real life representation of what we’re wasting our tax dollars on.  To think that the bozo featured in this courtroom mini-drama is a college student!  What a hilarious joke on all us pay-their-way jackasses.

A Snot-Wiping Weasel

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2 Responses to Judge Judy Confronts the Minority Hand-Out Hustle

  1. Artie says:

    There is no comment on this topic. That surprises me.

  2. Artie says:

    I love Judge Judy. She’s right on the mark with just about everything. This video is pretty old but the message is as fresh as today. But who do we really have to blame? Surely not this guy. He’s just taking advantage of something that is offered. You and I probably wouldn’t abuse the system as this miscreant does but I’m sorry to say the majority of people probably would.It is quite disgusting that we have to pay for this nonsense, but as long as we continue to suffer from blatant liberalism, political correctness and “white guilt” I see no end in sight. Sigh!

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