Why Are So Many Lesbians Fat?

Fat CatThat earth-shattering question is being asked by researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  And just to show how important it is today to pander to the sexual minority movement, the National Institutes of Health have awarded the hospital a $1.5 million grant (aka taxpayers’ hard-earned money) to discover why 75% of the dyke domain is overweight.

Feds Spend $1.5 million to study Obese Lesbians.  “Obesity is one of the most critical public health issues affecting the U.S. today,” the grant states. “Racial and socioeconomic disparities in obesity are receiving increasing attention; however, one area of disparities that is only beginning to be recognized is the striking interplay of gender and sexual orientation.”

Goddess forbid that these chuckle heads actually admit that so much of what passes for an alternative sexual orientation lifestyle is down right unhealthy in one way or another.  But somehow I don’t think that any researcher today, especially one living and working in the liberal la-la land of Massachusetts will be stating the obvious any time soon.

Check out the story over at Fox News, read the comments, and put in your two cents worth.  I couldn’t resist responding to a comment made by a self-described overweight lesbian by the name of Jo Ann Jury who seemed to think that blubber was a courageous anti-male political statement of sister solidarity.  And she also absurdly remarked that most lesbians don’t really care much about weight when choosing a partner.  Well, based on my personal experience of usually being the slimmest lesbian at any dyke gathering, I can attest to the fact that lesbians do indeed dig svelte.

Here’s my Fox News retort:

As a slender lesbian, I’ve got to say: What absolute nonsense, Jo Ann!

It doesn’t take a million dollar grant to see why so many middle-aged and older lesbians are fat and unhealthy.  And the fat epidemic has nothing whatsoever to do with men nor with any other left-over lesbian feminist hogwash from the 1970s.

There are myriad reasons for the majority of middle-aged lesbians being overweight, such as: depression, lack of self-respect, poor self-image, junk food diets, poor health habits, lack of exercise, etc.

And the lesbian lifestyle, with its serial monogamy, endless cheating, shallow sense of community, can all be added to the mix here.

Maybe you need to stop carrying your fat as a badge of faux feminist courage and begin to treat it as the emotional and physical health issue that it is.

And lesbians do indeed care about weight and appearance, just like anyone else.  But heck, if 75% of the potential dating pool is overweight, well, that doesn’t give one much of a choice, does it?

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52 Responses to Why Are So Many Lesbians Fat?

  1. erindippity says:

    Thank god someone is talking about this. I’m probably not the absolute slimmest lesbian at any gathering but most definitely in the bottom quarter, healthy and fit and take pride in my body.

    Why are we made to feel like anti-feminist, shallow jerks for not being attracted to obesity? What you’re attracted to is not a choice (an idea we’re all WELL familiar with) and most of the other lesbians I know have appalling lifestyles in terms of diet and exercise.

    The lack of scrutiny is just down to the precious, introspective, navel-gazing, oversensitive ‘lesbian’ persona of ‘feelings’ seemingly taking precedence over cold, hard reality.

    Thanks for calling a spade a spade.

    Others are free to do as they wish but the result shouldn’t be those of normal weight being treated as inferior out of insecurity and frankly, bitterness.

  2. AW says:

    It is only a matter of time that many of us Straight Guys will become Obsolete.

  3. Ware2run says:

    As a young adult in the 80’s I tried to join support groups and gay organizations that I thought were healthy but, in a twist of irony, was turned away from the group because I was too young (one group insisted that I was at least 25). Those geriatric lesbians of the 60’s who protested for change, wanted to vote and be counted, who wore bell bottoms and tried to sound like Joni Mitchell on their guitar turned around and rejected us 80’s women. You 60’s women were too busy hating men, smoking pot and didn’t care about your health. I hope you enjoy disability in your old age and insulin needles and wheelchairs are not “groovy”.

  4. Ware2run@yahoo.com says:

    I am in total agreement with this article and the hypocrisies that readers have pointed out. I always wondered why would a butch want to groom themselves and emulate conservative straight men (e.g. Ralph Kramden or Darrin Stevens, anyone) who openly reject them on every turn. I experienced discrimination within the lesbian/dyke ranks

  5. I am bisexual and recently joined a women’s choir with mostly lesbian women. When I joined I was absolutely astounded by how many of the women are unhealthy, obese and unkempt. The women’s choir sometimes does performances with the Gay Men’s Choir. Wow. When these two groups get together you cannot escape the absolutely stark difference. Why is it that the majority of gay men are so physically fit and take such good care of themselves and lesbian women do the exact opposite? It is really a shocking and sad difference. The only thing I can think of is gay women do not want any attention from straight men whatsoever. Gay men don’t have to worry about ‘cat calling’ straight women.

  6. CoolStoryBro800 says:

    While I regard lesbians as brave people for being able to come out and face a world full of hatred, I don’t hold any respect for them. Why? They say they hate stereotypes. But they do the exact same thing-they create stereotypes and standards for themselves, such as the “man-and-woman” roleplay nonsense which defeats the purpose of being a lesbian, as well as hating bisexuals, men, and straight people. I just don’t get it-most of these lesbians I meet are pure hypocrites. One even complained that straight people show up at LGBT parades. Like, wtf?? Isn’t the purpose of the parade to make straight people accept you, and for the LGBT community to accept each other? If you hate on people who fall into different categories but still want them to accept you, you clearly aren’t making your point known. Like, seriously? Come on. :/

    • Many lesbians want to live predominately in a lesbo ghetto. There’s lots of talk about inclusiveness and the women who seem to run things in what passes for ‘community’ attempt to enforce a LGBTQ dictum but the majority of dykes want nothing to do with bi women, let alone trans. And the ‘solidarity’ between gay men and lesbians is phoney PR.

      And yes, the butch-femme dynamic is alive and well despite the lesbian feminists of the 70s, 80s, and 90s doing everything they could to eradicate it or at least pretend it didn’t exist. And of course, looking at why man-hating dykes dress, talk, and act like the very gender they despise would be a great topic to research but don’t expect that to happen any time soon.

      • Michelle says:

        I never understood why dykes like to dress like the very type that they hate too. I just get told that this is the way they are comfortable. Still doesn’t make sense to me. For example, if a person doesn’t like a circus clown, do you see them dressing like a circus clown? lol

        • I think some butch women want to be the gender they supposedly hate. They want a man’s body and/or the accoutrements and characteristics that generally go with a male identity. They get to play out their boy/man fantasy life while still identifying as female. So often though, especially by the time they reach middle age, these ladies end up looking like dumpy lumps of androgyny.

  7. a guy says:

    well there’s fat and then there’s fat.
    as long as a woman maintains human form she can be attractive.

    • Yeah, for example: A girl can be fat and still be physically beautiful (face? Curves?), or a girl may have a big heart even though she doesn’t have the most scrumptious outer crust.

  8. So True says:

    It is all about food for them.

  9. Bente Larson says:

    Overweight lesbian women over 40 is not just an American phenomena due to the fact that obesity in the USA is an epidemic.
    I have found this trend of overweight lesbian women everywhere in the world where I have traveled and in the international online community. Many of these women do not put up a profile photo because they do not feel good about their physical appearance. Many also do not put up photos for security reasons or for other dishonest reasons

      • I have been a lesbian all my life. I also see the majority of lesbians are fat. Most my life I have been very slender. It is only now that I have reached that menopause stage in life that I have developed a little weight around the mid section. I have been single most my life because the lesbians I meet are either fat or paper brown bag ugly. The lesbians that are slender and take care of themselves are snacheted up so fast that they are never single. That leaves me no chance. I don’t wear makeup, but I do take care of my grooming needs. ex: hair cuts, hair coloring, body lotion, nail trimming, etc. I consider myself to be cute, but yet struggle with finding an appropriate partner. I don’t understandwhy the majority of lesbians don’t care about their appearance. I prefer bi women, because they do tend to care about their appearances more, and they are more level headed about life. Are there any women out there that match what I’m looking for? Still seeking in Tampa, Florida.

        • Good luck with your search. Finding the right partner can take quite awhile, especially as one hits their 40s and 50s and older. I think being willing to look beyond one’s home turf is probably the best way to open up the range of prospects without compromising the important attributes that you’re looking for in a partner. Local communities tend to be dominated by the same faces

          Tampa is a nice area–I vacationed in St. Pete’s Beach a couple of years ago and got to see a little of Tampa and St. Petersburg.

        • Paula says:


          Sorry to say, but I think you need to open your eyes a bit more, because from my vantage point, there are quite a few more categories of lesbian than FAT and UGLY. No wonder you’re single forever.

          Further, I see plenty of slender, attractive lesbians — everywhere. Young and older.

  10. Bente Larson says:

    As a slim fit educated lesbian woman who has confidence and a good self esteem, I feel very alone and isolated when attempting to find another like myself .
    We all have our aesthetic preferences and it is no crime to not be attracted to unkempt looking people in general. In many cases obesity indicates many emotional issues making me wanting to steer clear even more.
    I have been criticized for not embracing severely over weight lesbian women which I think is misguided. I can not accept a whole population of people in some kind of pain. I am not a part of that huge group of huge women and I feel for their sufferings, however I do not feel I have to or can identify with them. I do think they need help and a study may provide some answers as long as there is some kind of humane followup in the form of therapy.
    Yes; it is true some grow huge to make a point and that is their right, but for those who feel like outcasts due to religious or societal pressures (especially those over 40 who had to suffer growing up), I feel some kind of help should be accessible and affordable.
    Most likely I will never find a compatible same sex spouse at the age of 60 after searching for many years,but I will not let myself fall into depression and food/chemical vices due to that probability..

    • I have had to put up with rude comments from overweight lesbians simply because I’m NOT FAT. It is amazing to me that lesbians think they can make remarks to other women about their bodies (women they don’t even know) in a public setting. They wouldn’t put up with such behavior from men, yet they engage in it themselves. Most times, I ignore the comments but sometimes my reactions can outpace my self-restraint and I give as good as I get.

      I think it has to do with jealousy and envy. And I also think it’s an attempt to make fit women the outsider, the non-normal. So they attempt to mainstream obesity as some kind of alternative political lesbian lifestyle that should be supported and honored, which of course is absolute hogwash. How sad that we have a ‘community’ that enables such a self-destructive cultural meme.

  11. shay says:

    I can believe that lesbians would embrace the antithesis of what males believe is beautiful. I don’t understand it but it’s most likely true, just like many lesbians fashion themselves after men, shaving their heads but not their mustaches or beards. I think lesbians allow their hatred for men and the male-dominating culture to define who they are and that’s why so many people take them as a joke. It would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic. For pete’s sake, look at Chaz Bono. I can’t even say that name without breaking into a belly-laugh…

    • Many lesbians have gender issues, whether they admit it or not. I can’t imagine feeling/believing I was one gender but having the physiology of the other. Unfortunately, in the name of tolerance, we are now all expected to take part in an outrageous gender charade–like the child’s fable of the Emperor Has No Clothes, we’re expected to pretend that someone can be any gender they wish or that the medical profession has the capability of reassigning gender by mutilating someone’s body. We’re ignoring the chromosomes and pretending that what isn’t is.

      For all the political hoopla surrounding the LGBTQ nonsense, many gay men and lesbians do not accept ‘transexuals’ and resent their inclusion in the gay/lesbian rights struggle. In the lesbian community, bi-sexual women are generally treated with a pretense of acceptance, but they’re really not members of the girls club. And as for men who now consider themselves women who are now lesbians (yes there are many such folk), the overwhelming majority of dykes want nothing to do with them and aggressively resent their inclusion at women-only events/space. But everyone marches along to the dictates of Gay Inc. like good little zombies.

      And I feel really sad about Ms. Bono.

      • Blue says:

        “In the lesbian community, bi-sexual women are generally treated with a pretense of acceptance, but they’re really not members of the girls club.”

        WHAT??? I have more trouble getting dates with lesbian women who are not totally lipstick (not my thing) because I have dated men. Often I get treated like I’m somehow contaminated, complete with being expected to somehow prove to them I am completely done with men and will never ever go out with one again. Granted, if I am happy with YOU, it is unlikely I will want to go out with ANYONE again, but I guess that isn’t a possibility. Bisexual women are treated like dirt by many in the lesbian communities I have found.

        • This is why the whole LGBTQ nonsense is a great big joke. The Bs and Ts are not really part of the lesbian community no matter what BS the powers that be attempt to ram down our throats. You can’t dictate who people will sleep with or form a relationship with, at least not yet.

          I will admit that I would have serious concerns about getting involved with a bisexual woman in any kind of intimate way. And that includes women who have lived their lives as straight women, who have raised their kids with a husband, and then in their 40s and 50s come out as lesbians. My life experiences and theirs are dramatically different. And there is always the sense that bisexual women and late bloomers are not one of us.

    • erindippity says:

      You’re confusing a lesbian with a transgender man.

  12. Liz says:

    You hit the nail on the head, stripped this issue of all of the excuses (making a statement against sexism and misogyny) by presenting it for what it really is and the reasons behind which are depression, low self-esteem, lack of exercise and poor eating habits. I know so many lesbians with problems with diabetes, alcoholism, cancers and those health issues that closely parallel with Native Americans who live on reservations.

    • You do have to wonder what the heck is going on for the majority of lesbians to be so physically unhealthy. It would seem that for many lesbians, the women-loving-women world is not really the paradise on earth that it’s been marketed to be—as many women who come out late in life can attest to.

  13. creeper says:

    Not surprisingly, they’ve lied about the statistics. From the grant request description: “…with nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians overweight or obese, compared to half of heterosexual women.” Just how “near” to three-quarters of the adult lesbian population is the exact percentage of the overweight? Could it be…oh, say around 69%…the percentage of the total population reported as overweight/obese by the CDC? http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/overwt.htm

    Overweight/obesity among women runs about 3% higher than in men. That would take it down to 66% of women overweight or obese…still a far cry from the “half of heterosexual women” claimed by the fiction writers of that grant request.

    Read the grant request, linked above or here: http://projectreporter.nih.gov/project_info_description.cfm?aid=8324507&icde=15499915. It’s a masterpiece of dogmatic statements, obfuscation and repetition of its thin premise.. That our money is being spent on this nonsense is outrageous.

    • erindippity says:

      I am not deriding the study because I think it’s a really important issue but also worth noting the sample sizes – around 2400 straight women and 87 lesbians. No way you could get an accurate societal model from those numbers.

  14. veryopinionated25 says:

    Omg.. I just read this story yesterday. I really don’t understand this at all. Why do skinny lesbians date fat ones? I think that’s gross. Most of them are butch anyway. I wonder if they would loose the pounds, would their sexuality change? Hmm? P.S I have notice that they are very dominating and mean.

    • I think many lesbians are overweight simply because much of America is overweight–we’re now a culture of fat ultra consumers.

      But there’s also something else going on. Many lesbians on the ‘butch’ side of the continuum morph themselves into big overweight balls of neutered androgyny. It’s one thing to have a boyish quality mixed in with one’s femininity, quite another to deny your own womanhood. Gender issues perhaps?

      • erins1911 says:

        Agree with both hypotheses (sp?). It is possibly related to gender dysphoria. It would be interesting to find out if there is a correlation between having a butch identity and these weight issues.

        While I don’t see that it is any of the government’s business what people weigh, it seems there is a move among people I know to be more concerned about health and attempting to get into better physical condition, and I applaud that.

        • Agreed. It’s so sad to look at some women and not be able to figure out where their breasts end and their stomachs begin. It’s not as if women are 10 or even 20 pounds overweight–it’s more like 50 to 150 and then some.

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        Nothing wrong with being butch but it creeps me out when some go overboard with the whole gender role expression and act like a man instead of a woman. I don’t mind soft butches either, at least they have some woman in them. No offense to buches i am just saying that they need to tone it down alittle or change thier gender and be done with it already!

        • erins1911 says:

          Gender expression is a touchy issue in the straight and LGBTQ world. I have a transgender sister (mtf), which has caused me to develop much more empathy for people with gender dysphoria than I had before I was aware of her internal struggle. But transitioning is a very tough row to hoe. I think it would be healthier for our society to understand that there is a spectrum of acceptable forms of gender expression and to allow people to express who they are without having to switch gender identity entirely. My two cents.

          • veryopinionated25 says:

            I understand erins1911. I don’t have any problem with trans poeple.. i just have a problem with those butch women that have a bad attitude and go overboard with their gender expression due to possibly being disowned or otherwise. Basically i don’t care for the ones that think that the ends justify the means ie being too obnoxios with gender roles. I know a few like this and it annoys me. Again, i have nothing against poeple who are trans,

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        And i hate to say this but i believe that Ellen is getting way to butch these days. Why is it when butch/fem lesbians that come out eventually become way too butch, become radical leftests, or have gender issues?? Is it because they had a bad coming out experience or what?

    • Person says:

      “… P.S I have notice that they are very dominating and mean.”

      Haha. I hate to say it, but I agree with you.

    • beaconmember1 says:

      It’s really difficult for me to find a petite lesbian like myself. The petite lesbians are already in a relationship. And your right, a lot of them are usually with fat women.

  15. Perry Palmer says:

    I have railed on this very thing for years. Fat slobs describe the average lesbian. It’s embarrassing to see them acting tough in their too-baggy blue jeans, appearing as though they just walked out of the garden; if they are going to act like men, why not gentlemen?

    • Paula says:

      Perry! You’re killing me!!

    • beaconmember1 says:

      In the 80’s butch women dressed better. I remember my tie days in the 80’s. I would wear a nice tie and a blazer. I don’t wear a tie and blazer anymore. Those days are long gone. Now I’m just me. I always dress nice and keep myself well groomed. It is embarrassing and a big turn off to see so many sloppy dressers in the lesbian community.

  16. erins1911 says:

    It’s a peculiar phenomenon to me as a woman late to the party, and I have been wondering why so many older lesbians have let themselves go physically. Also, why there is such disdain for dressing in any way that might be considered flattering. I keep wishing What Not To Wear would do an entire season on lesbians.

  17. Paula says:

    A comment from the loads of them:
    Harold Swift
    “Sure they get fat. They are eating each other.”

  18. PrairieDogSD says:

    Missed this story and am glad that you wrote about it. I agree with you completely.

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