Nun Pleads Guity to Voter Fraud: A Little Nunsense from the Left

Geraldine--The Devil Made Me Do ItIt would appear that even a 25-year membership in a Catholic religious order coupled with a distinguished Deanship at a Catholic college can’t cleanse the political soul of some of these holier-than-thou Lefty Fraus.

Sister Marguerite Kloos, member of the Sisters of Charity and the Dean of Arts and Humanities at the College of Mount St. Joseph located in suburban Cincinnati, stated that she would plead guilty to the charge of illegal voting.  Last November, Sister Marge not only cast her own ballot in that hard-fought presidential election, she also pulled the Obama lever a second time in devout remembrance of one of her dearly departed colleagues.

Sister Marge has shown a little humility by having the decency to resign from the Deanship.  But she also serves as Associate Professor of Religious and Pastoral Studies and teaches a course entitled Feminist Theology and the Spiritual Care of Women.  Feminism is a theology?  And taught as such at a Catholic college?  Well, well, well.  Now you know how I magically divined that this dame was a dyed-in-the-wool social justice Democrat who just couldn’t resist the self-righteous temptation to perpetrate a political fraud.

If you take a look at the mission statement of the College of Mount St. Joseph, you’ll get an idea of why a Catholic college education today is nothing more than a corrupted load of Left-wing crapola:

The College educates its students through interdisciplinary liberal arts and professional curricula emphasizing values, integrity and social responsibility.

Emphasizing values and social responsibility…..and within that loaded political context the college clowns toss in the word integrity.  Sounds benign enough, doesn’t it?  But what the actual values are for this Catholic institution can only be implied since the mission statement seems to sidestep any defining specificity.  But it doesn’t take an angelic visitation to glimpse the Marxist-Socialist-Feminist Multicultural angle that is probably saturating most of this Catholic college’s liberal propaganda courses.

So all you good Catholics out there, forget about God the Father, and the hell with Jesus Christ, and who gives a hoot about the Holy Spirit.  There is a new sacred Trinity within the religious and educational bureaucracies of the Catholic Church today.  And all you know-nothing laity out there must now genuflect to the godhead embodied in Marx, Lenin, and Barack Obama.

And when you worship the ideologies of atheistic posers to political power, a little voter fraud in the name of THE PEOPLE seems small indeed when you’re in the service of the secular Satan.

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