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Rush Limbaugh on Gay Marriage: Another Nugget of Stupidity

Limbaugh’s latest breathtaking analysis proffers his feeble attempt to explain away the social success of the gay marriage marathon, a cultural phenomenon that has been running non-stop across America’s social scene for many years now. Mr. Limbaugh dismisses this drawn-out decades-long shift in the American psyche with a quick flick of his wilted wit. Continue reading

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Resurgence of Traditional Catholicism: The Latin Mass

Passion Week is upon us. And this holiest of holy weeks of the Christian calendar is a very fitting time to acknowledge the undercurrents of change that are sweeping through the deep catacombs of the Catholic Church. Change that signals a return to ancient tradition and a resurgence of core Catholic beliefs. Continue reading

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Valley Forge Park and the Blow Job Jamboree

When you trek through the woods at Valley Forge Park, be sure to take in the uplifting sight of cruddy condoms littering the wildflowers and grasses along the way. And when you hike on down to the banks of the Schuylkill, you’ll truly marvel at the semen-dripped tree trunks gracing the greenery. Golly, on a busy crude-ball cruising day, you might even catch a glimpse of the lowest of the low sucking another woebegone creature’s dirty cock. Heck, I’ve even been told that some serious butt pumping has been spotted in the bushes along side the 18th century ruin down by the train tracks. Continue reading

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Abortionist Gosnell Goes on Trial—His Attorney Cries, Racism!

Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist who is facing the death penalty on eight counts of murder for allegedly killing born alive babies at his house-of-horrors ‘clinic’ in West Philadelphia, went on trial this past Monday. And his defense attorney, Mister Jack McMahon, wasted no time in declaring to the predominately black jury that his African American client was an innocent victim of racism. Continue reading

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Who Killed Swing Music? The Federal Government, That’s Who

Here’s a little mini tutorial for our decidedly dopey conservative ‘leadership’, all those pompous pumpkin heads who still struggle to gain a remedial understanding of the plain and simple concept of shaping culture. So for those Talking Heads who may have missed my previous Culture for Dummies post entitled The Unbearable Stupidity of Conservatives, I offer from the grab bag of American history, a little factual fable for the stubbornly fatuous. Continue reading

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Judge Judy Confronts the Minority Hand-Out Hustle

Judge Judy zeros in on the corrupted crux of the welfare entitlement mentality. This video is a 7-minute real life representation of what we’re wasting our tax dollars on. To think that the bozo featured in this courtroom mini-drama is a college student! What a hilarious joke on all us pay-their-way jackasses. Continue reading

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Raw Talk About Race

Within the corrupted confines of William Penn’s Quaker paradise, that was quaintly christened The City of Philadelphia, there is a raging controversy over a tepid magazine article that dared to raise the issue of race from a white city citizen’s perspective.

Being White in Philly: Whites, Race, Class, and the Things that Never Get Said by Robert Huber has garnered a huff-and-puff rebuttal from the mayor of this union-bound financial sinkhole, Michael Nutter. But Mister Mayor hasn’t been content to just voice his disapproval of the piece, oh no. The Mayor has also instructed the Human Relations Commission to investigate the state of race within the City of Brotherly Love and to punish Philadelphia Magazine for daring to publish what is in essence a straightforward and truthful exposition of how some white citizens of Philly feel about rubbing shoulders with their black neighbors. Continue reading

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Why Are So Many Lesbians Fat?

That earth-shattering question is being asked by researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. And just to show how important it is today to pander to the sexual minority movement, the National Institutes of Health have awarded the hospital a $1.5 million grant (aka taxpayers’ hard-earned money) to discover why 75% of the dyke domain is overweight. Continue reading

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Nun Pleads Guity to Voter Fraud: A Little Nunsense from the Left

It would appear that even a 25-year membership in a Catholic religious order coupled with a distinguished Deanship at a Catholic college can’t cleanse the political soul of some of these holier-than-thou Lefty Fraus.

Sister Marguerite Kloos, member of the Sisters of Charity and the Dean of Arts and Humanities at the College of Mount St. Joseph located in suburban Cincinnati, stated that she would plead guilty to the charge of illegal voting. Last November, Sister Marge not only cast her own ballot in that hard-fought presidential election, she also pulled the Obama lever a second time in devout remembrance of one of her dearly departed colleagues.
Continue reading

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