A Lesson for Black History Month: Stop Your Whining!

As the cold climes of February draw upon us, we are once again faced with that official government-sponsored 28-day festival of obeisance innocuously known as Black History Month.  This yearly exercise in collective condescension typically highlights the accomplishments of historical Black figures, those hard-working heroes from times gone by who serve the progressive purpose of providing role models for the kiddies while keeping the victim-hood hustle safely status quo.

WhiningYou certainly won’t find conservative Black role models offered up for admiration by the divide-and-conquer culture marauders, even though this February marks the 37th anniversary of Black History Month in America.  Men and women like Les Brown, Herman Cain, Allen West, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, J. C. Watts, Gary Franks, Jennifer Carroll, Alveda King, and Edward Brooke certainly aren’t on the liberal hit parade of African American people to be emulated, admired, and respected.  Instead, each of these fine men and women represent the modern-day Left-wing version of the Invisible Man—they embody the new Ralph Ellison prototype of racial oppression.

Yes indeed, the Uppity Negro Mentality is alive and well, creatively reinvented by white progressives who diligently denigrate successful self-made African Americans.  Ain’t it amazing, that almost 148 years after the close of the Civil War, American Blacks are still expected to shuffle along for the Democrat Man. 

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7 Responses to A Lesson for Black History Month: Stop Your Whining!

  1. veryopinionated25 says:

    Glad that this black history month is almost over!! Tired of seeing Beyonce and Barry Obama on TV!

  2. Cathy Smith says:

    Ah! Reminds me of a lesson I was teaching to some middle schoolers several years ago, during Black History Month. I gave them a list of Americans (both black and white) to research on the internet. I included both ethnicities because I didn’t want to focus on any one group of people to the detriment of all people of color. I love to rebel against the politically correct! One of my students (a child of KKK followers) suddenly exclaimed, “I know why you wanted us to write about Mae Jemison, Miss Smith!” I held my breath because I didn’t want to have to handle any racial problems. Chicken, I know, but my area of North Carolina is filled with the ignorant! The student continued, “She’s from Alabama!” I laughed and told him, “Yes, there are famous people from my home state, also!” Phew! I had not known until that moment that Jemison hailed from the great state of Alabama!

    When I was telling our then-principal about it, he laughed out loud and told me I should have added Condi Rice to the list as well as Allan Keyes and that he was glad that I had not fallen for the politically-correct attitude that February was only about famous black folks. What made his comments so surprising is that he is a Republican, which I had not known until that moment! What’s so surprising about THAT, you ask? He’s also African American! Even though he has moved up the educational ladder, we continue to have wonderful political conversations and talk trash about Obama any chance we get. LOL!

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