Calling All Conservative Lesbians in Seattle, WA

If you are a conservative lesbian living in the Seattle metropolitan area, then please take note of the following social Meetup group that is getting underway in your neck of the USA.

Get Connected

My friend and I in the Seattle area are trying to form a social group of lesbian conservative women for social events and chat sessions. We are sincerely concerned about the state of our nation and would like to have a social connection with others sharing our same views.

If you have felt as though you don’t fit in certain situations because of your conservative leanings, have felt shunned within your social group or been labeled a “traitor” of the gay community, this is a place for you to feel comfortable and to socialize.

We would like to form a community of women that are informed of the current issues, want to discuss them, vent their frustrations, and feel safe in a supportive setting.  We are not looking to change anyone’s mind. The women of this group don’t agree with the issues 100%, but have similar viewpoints on fiscal and government conservatism.

We are concerned about government overreach and the chipping away of the constitution and individual rights. We may not all be religious, but we are against the squashing of religious freedom, particularly what we see happening to Christian beliefs.

We are against Obama’s handling of the economy and feel that his agenda does not include the best interests of the country.

We would like to spread the word that the ideals of conservatism benefit all Americans including gay people. Free markets, individual liberty, state sovereignty, the right to bear arms are what made America a great and prosperous nation, and we are currently watching it being transformed into something far from that. We stand for individual freedom, so of course, we are proponents of gay rights.

If you want to get together with other like-minded women while being free and authentic with your views, come join us for some good food, discussion and fun.

To contact us and join the group go to the following link:

Now surely, if there are conservative dykes living within the confines of the ultra-progressive Starbucks socialist justice jurisdiction, then there are most definitely many more Liberty Lesbians living all across this great land of ours.

Get Connected!

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2 Responses to Calling All Conservative Lesbians in Seattle, WA

  1. Becca says:

    Hi there, I tried to find out more about this meet up for conservative lesbians in Seattle but it doesn’t seem to exist. I’m trying to find out more about the organizers, definitely looking for that type of connection here in Seattle. Thanks!

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