At Christmas, Don’t Let the Atheistic Grinches Get You Down

As each Christmas season seems to get ever more mired in the cultural swamp of anti-Christian muck and madness, I thought I would offer a Christ-based philosophical treatise to counter the sadly snide and often aggressive apostasy that the unenlightened elites in our society appear hellbent on shoving down our parched theological throats.

Grinch in NYC

Christmas time in America has turned into the season of angry atheistic assaults on Christian beliefs and long-held traditions.  From the desecration of church manger scenes to the spit-in-their-faces facade of a giant billboard in Times Square, the march against ‘myths’ seems ever on the move.  Ain’t it amazing though that these spoiled spawns of Western Civilization, these godless crusaders living off the bountiful capital created by 1,500 years of a Christian-based culture, would thumb their noses at the very source of their abundant wealth?

But not all upwardly mobile men and women have become enamored of the atheistic trendiness of today.  There may be a mocking billboard hulking over downtown New York City, but there’s also another banner that is being quietly raised across this bustling metropolis of Anything Goes.

Here’s a glimpse of the religious counter-revolution that is wearing away at the intellectual underpinnings of the academic atheism of our modern age.  Godless hedonism, with its crashing waves of meaninglessness, relativity, and foundation-less freedom may be pounding away at us with all its foam-flecked cacophony, but it is the deep deep currents flowing beneath our societal sea that will carry us into the future.

Timothy Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.  This church was founded in the late 1980s and started out with about 50 members.  It now boasts over 5,000 members spread across three church locations in the Big Apple.  Redeemer’s approach to the Gospels has attracted young professionals seeking to embrace both the emotional and the intellectual rigors of religious faith.  This is an orthodox congregation, there are no electronic bells and whistles nor feel-good grandstanding from the pulpit.  Keller is the author of The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism and other publications.

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2 Responses to At Christmas, Don’t Let the Atheistic Grinches Get You Down

  1. AtlanticGirl says:

    Thank you for the blog. A needed breath in the suffocating atheist-filled air.
    For a little chuckle, here’s another blog tackling atheists and their assault on Christmas:

    Merry Christmas!

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