Gun Control or Psychotropic Pill Control?

A Jim Goad take on the gun control caterwauling in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Before all the blood had time to dry, pro-government zombie toady scribes were shrieking for more “gun control” and insisting that “something” must be done NOW. They trotted out the tired meme that the “gun lobby” is very powerful and has a lot of money behind it—as if the government they dutifully worship doesn’t have far more power and money than the NRA.  One went so far as to proclaim that “no person in the United States of America should own a gun, unless they’re a police officer or a soldier.” And of course, “white men” were blamed, albeit by one white man after the next.


Goad cites the mounds of multiple psychotropic drugs found in the systems of so many of these mass murdering maniacs.  All those anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and anti-obsessive crazy concoctions that Big Pharma and the Psychiatry profession push and pump into the systems of the neurotic and the mentally ill, such as: Fluvoxamine, Prozac, Paxil, Mirtazapine, Trazodone, Temazepam, Lexapro, Ambien, Xanax, and Vicodin.

But all prescribed apparently to no avail when it comes to the still-at-large and running free killing freaks of America.  Or could it be that these pharmacologic mixtures that attempt to regulate the human mind are the possible cause of these calamities?

Maybe those who claim they’re earnestly seeking an answer to Friday’s bloodbath should focus less on Gunsville and more on Pillsville. But right on the heels of their howling about NO GUNS came cries for MORE PSYCHIATRY. I don’t expect these remnants of 1960s ethics to ever blame drugs for anything. But what puzzles me is their new-found blind support of government. How did they turn from being the harshest critics of “The Man” in the 1960s to being his most brainwashed advocates today?

Jim’s puzzled as to why the Baby Boomer radicals of the 1960s should now embrace government at every go.  Gosh Jim, the answer to your query is obvious—the government is now run by the Baby Boomer radicals and their progressive spawn.  As is the media and the universities.  They are ‘The Man’.

But back to the topic at hand…let us also not forget all the frivolous DMS diagnoses and the Pharma pills that go with them, used for every twitch, every eye blink, every burp, and every ‘disruptive’ behavior that any little kid in America could possibly indulge in during school hours—it’s a medicated madhouse out there!

And yet, we still have dangerously disturbed creatures walking among us with easy access to firearms.  What to do?

Well, here’s a thought….Perhaps it’s time to rethink institutionalization before rethinking the 2nd amendment to our Constitution.

Again and again, we hear the same saga—parents attempting to get some kind of help for their disturbed offspring but to no avail.  Help, as currently defined by the psychiatric profession, seems to be the sum total of a quick trip to CVS to get a high cost prescription filled after a 50-minute $250 visit to Doctor DMS.  Ka-ching!

Why does America always bounce from one extreme to another?  Right through the 1970s, we institutionalized almost everybody and their mother.  It only took the word of a relative to get some poor schmo locked away in the local booby hatch indefinitely.  Today, we have slid to the other end of the mental health spectrum, leaving frightened family members and John and Jane Q Public at the non-existent mercy of the mad mental machinations of a demented son or daughter.

But of course, don’t expect any open-ended discussion as to the causes and possible solutions to this horrific madness.  The agenda here is gun control. And since us conservatives don’t think culture is that important and therefore have only a faint voice in America’s media, we will spend our time furiously playing defense, as usual.

When the Left owns the stadium, officiates at the game, and sets the rule of play, the Right can only whine and whinge at how unfair life has become in this post-Reagan America.

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7 Responses to Gun Control or Psychotropic Pill Control?

  1. K. says:

    The pharmacutical company is a scam just like therpay is. It’s all a device to make money and exploit people who are not the problem.

    The real problem lies within the parenting of this nation. And common fucking sense. That kid who shot down the school, he shot down at an elementary school where she worked. A coincidence? Of course not. Clearly, he must have had a big issue with her that they probably fought about. And her being in a position of authority, we don’t get to see from the gunman’s side of the story, even though the dumbass killed himself. She probably abused him in some way and he was pissed off due to her abusive shit. And she should have probably taught him gun control when he was growing up so he would know how to use the damn thing properly. But we’ll never see the truth before it was perverted by the Lefts and covered up by the RIght. All we see is him killing many people–which people dont just kill for no reason–there’s always a logical explanation and reason for any issue. I’m not saying to have sympathy for the dumbass, because he was a dumbass for wasting his potential energy into a killing spree like that–when he could have channeled his anger into something beneficial to society like exploiting his probably fucked-up mother who was possibly abusive. (again, people dont just kill people for no reason, there is always a reason, which includes possilbe mental illness. But it’s usually due to being abused and victimized in some way).

    And Why didnt the liberal hypocrites of the Left make coverage on that gunman’s home life? All the problems in this country start from the home life. It’s a NO BRAINER common sense. Children dont just grow up fucked up (unless they have schizophrenia, or any other illness that would constitute as them growing up to be failure fuck-ups that society wants to write off as useless. when my dad finally realized that I was a lesbian and not bipolar or schizo or whatever crap I didnt have, he vicariously searched online to try to find symptoms of my lesbianism that would constitute me as growing up to be as fucked up as a person who has bipolar, or schizophernia or a gunman or any other real and danger mental diesease–all of which I do not have. It was his parenting that made me sick and in psychological pain and his constant invasive horrible pseudo republican homophobic bullshit. Every day his constant of trying to make me to look like a criminal when I’ve done not a damn thing wrong. Then he expects me not to feel like the gun man? Of course, I wouldn’t do what that dumbass did. I have no interest in violence either).

    Instead, this nation continues to let the idiot Left infect our children who dont need the damn medications (all a profit for the pharmacuticals, just like therapy) and let the government control people who really dont need to be medicated, or exploited by the governemnt—all while we dont teach common sense to our children about proper gun use and the consequences of using a firearm—then we blame it on the pharmas, therapists, the lack of gun control laws, and everybody but ourselves. It’s common sense to teach your child the proper use of a gun and the effects of using a gun (they are actually called “firearms”, to be official). It’s not any body else’s responsibility, nor the governments to impose more unnecessary ridiculous damn pills to take the place of common sense.

    How much more pills can we have for everybody when we dont like what we see–when we cover up the truth–to further numb us from the reality of life? If this is the path the Nation is headed, I feel bad for the future generations to come.

    The republicans are really no different from the liberals.

    And Why the hell didn’t Ron Paul win the election? We knew he was right all along. Well, those of us with brains knew that all along, anyways. Oh yeah, because of money…. money, money, money. Always comes down to money.

    • K. says:

      Excuse me, I meant “the gunman shot down the school where his mother worked.” So when I said “she” , I was referring to his mother.

  2. AtlanticGirl says:

    I think you’re right on the mark. And Obitler and his lefties WANT gun control. I don’t think they are at all concerned with the actual problem, they want to disarm Americans. Mental health, schmental health. Tragedies like this only further their agenda – “How can we accomplish our goal to disarm American civilians? AH! By propagandizing a horrific tragedy that involves a gun!”

    Every shooting is another nail in our freedom coffin, but another bullet in THEIR chamber.
    Have you noticed all the media attention even the smallest gun incident gets? Never any stories of people actually averting a crime by being armed, though they are plenty out there. As long as they can spin it in favor of gun control they will broadcast it.

    There was an indecent a few months back, locally. An armed man held up a convenience store, I think – don’t remember details. But there was a 7 year old boy who witnessed the event. The local news interviewed him and they ask him how he felt about it. Yeah.

    He answered “I want to get me a gun.” That’s all they aired. What the news channel edited out was the boy stating he wanted a gun so “when I grow up I can be a police and catch the bad guys.”

    That’s the kind of dirty shit they pull to advance their cause. Right or wrong, they will pursue their agenda by whatever means.

    • You’re right. And the crux of the problem is that conservatives have such a limited access to the media and therefore no hope of countering the left-wing narrative. We are paying the price of three decades worth of culture-ignoring blunders. If we don’t start putting an offense onto the field of play now, we will be run out of the stadium. We are already considered a fringe mentality by at least half of America.

      I have no faith whatsoever in any of the conservative leadership I have encountered–their utter stupidity as to how the world runs is mind-boggling. These sad sacks need to be pushed aside and new aggressive/offensive leadership needs to come from the grassroots. It sure ain’t coming from the likes of the Republican party and it ain’t coming from most of the conservative groups and think tanks—they are either spineless political hacks or just downright inept. And based on the pointless cheerleading emails I have been receiving from some of the top conservative groups since the election loss, it’s pretty clear that the folks driving our conservative bus are clueless.

      • AtlanticGirl says:

        Sadly, I agree with you. We will get nowhere with the “leadership” we have now in the Republican arena. I think a portion of them are progressives in Republican clothing anyway.

  3. Tropical Gal says:

    “But it’s not their fault!!!!” No, it’s our fault…society that is. Too much sparing the rod and spoiling the child, too much minding other’s business, living in fantasy land (can you say, “Reality TV”) and not paying attention to our own kids.

    Of course, since I don’t have kids of my own what do I know?

    Great column, right on the mark.


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