Conservatives Discover Cultural Warfare—Better Late Than Never, I Guess

CavemanWhen I see articles like the one below, I keep trying to ignore the sad fact that in just a few short weeks it will be the year 2013.   But kudos anyway to the handful of conservative pundits who seem to have gotten a few of their brain cells to percolate.  I guess finally discovering the obvious is better than more endless blather about the next political campaign.

The old adage goes, “Don’t get mad, get even.” For a select few Americans, that principle could be amended to “Don’t get mad at your enemies, buy them.” I have sometimes thought that if I were Charles Koch, instead of trying to influence American politics honestly, I would do it the way the Democrats do: I would buy the New York Times. With a current market capitalization of $1.23 billion, the New York Times Co. would hardly put a dent in Koch’s net worth.

But Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has a better idea.  Not only is Glenn’s proposal more cost-effective, it would allow Mr. Koch to associate with a better class of people:

– Glenn’s suggestion: Buy some women’s magazines.  No, really.  Or at least some women’s Web sites.  The thing is, those magazines and Web sites see themselves, pretty consciously, as a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.  So while nine out of 10 articles may be the usual stuff on sex, diet and shopping, the 10th will always be either soft p.r. for the Democrats or soft — or sometimes not-so-soft — hits on Republicans.

Ah, the great minds of the conservative movement!  To not only grasp that culture matters but to also brilliantly leap to the next logical conclusion that one must go where the voter lives in order to get the message across.  Wow!  What intelligence!  What genius!  Could it be that conservative cultural retardation is actually curable???  Could we be witnessing the most spectacular moment in our constitutional history when conservatives become—gasp!—CULTURAL PLAYERS???

Don’t bloody bank on it.  They’re now all hunched over their laptops waiting for the Koch brothers to single-handedly save us.

But when dealing with the dimwitted, patience is ever required.  I’m sure that by the time we lose the next election, our conservative ‘intelligentsia’ will have miraculously discovered the power of fiction, film, and TV programming on the malleable minds of the voters.  So get ready to pat our mentally challenged chieftains on the back and to award them yet another gold star to be prominently placed in the blank pages of their cultural copybook.

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2 Responses to Conservatives Discover Cultural Warfare—Better Late Than Never, I Guess

  1. A.Men says:

    Karl Rove : Go to Hell. Take Repubican RINOs with you!

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