Sandra Fluke Auctioned Off for 400 Bucks

What would you pay for an ‘intimate’ hour with Sandra Fluke?  What bang for your buck do you think you’d get from 60 enthralling online minutes in the presence of this cossetted concubine of the progressive socialist movement?


Certainly, Ms. Fluke’s years of slaving away to earn her daily bread would provide an hour’s worth of wonder….oops, wait a minute, she’s never actually worked a hard day in her spoiled and very privileged 30-year life.  Ok, well then it must surely be her glowing years of selfless service to the downtrodden and poor, offering up her numinous talents to improve the lives of others….oops, wrong again.  Now wait a minute here—surely this Democrat dame has done something with her snooty white middle-class life that would justify auctioning off an hour of Fluke’s time to the genetically gullible.

The auction for a private one-hour online “strategy session” with women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke ended two days early because the auctioneer, a charitable website BiddingForGood, deemed some responses to the auction as unacceptably “harassing.”

“We had a wonderful opportunity to make Sandra Fluke available for a consulting session with the highest bidder in this auction, but unfortunately, due to a disturbingly high number of harassing responses to this item, we have decided to close the auction two days early,” BiddingForGood said in a special note on the webpage for the auction.   Daily Caller

Oh, I get it!  Sandy baby is a women’s rights activist.  She’s a middle-class white woman who is so so oppressed by virtue of being female in the cruel cruel patriarchal world of 21st century America.  So I guess this ‘strategy’ session will provide the lucky winner with tips on how horny upscale females can fuck free of charge while brainstorming other clever ways that dependently promiscuous divas can enjoy their male meat without adding to the US population.  For ain’t that what the progressive agenda is really all about?

By the way, the big winner was a RosieR who bid $400 for the exulted privilege of sitting adoringly at the silly clay feet of Celebrity Sandy.

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4 Responses to Sandra Fluke Auctioned Off for 400 Bucks

  1. Kerry says:

    Hilarious post! You held nothing back.

  2. Oh I love this post. My wife, a mother of 8, owner of numerous businesses (including mine), financial services provider and multi-gun owner would be shunned, and would be happy to be shunned, by this crowd. Awesome post!

  3. AtlanticGirl says:

    And I imagine that Miss Rosie is just as oppressed, so much so that she has a spare $400 to flip over to slutty Sandy for an hour of chat, certain to be chocked full of insight and revelation on keeping the oppression train chugging.

    I love your articles, by the way.

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