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Keeping Christmas Out of the Secularized Closet

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. And I also hope that the word holiday hardly ever slipped out from between your culturally clenched teeth. Continue reading

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A Happy 2012 Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! And a little snow-shushing music to go along with a traditional ride in a horse-drawn sleigh compliments of Prokofiev….

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The Land of Narnia: A C. S. Lewis Christmas

The children’s fantasy classic (and the adult’s as well), The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis is a wonderful Yuletide adventure story. And the best film presentation of Lewis’ Christian parable is not the Disney Hollywood version released in 2005, but rather the BBC television production which was made in 1988. The BBC version is so very true to Lewis’ storytelling style and the children chosen for the parts of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy look and act like English middle-class public school kids circa 1939. Continue reading

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At Christmas, Don’t Let the Atheistic Grinches Get You Down

Christmas time in America has turned into the season of angry atheistic assaults on Christian beliefs and long-held traditions. From the desecration of church manger scenes to the spit-in-their-faces facade of a giant billboard in Times Square, the march against ‘myths’ seems ever on the move. Ain’t it amazing though that these spoiled spawns of Western Civilization, these godless crusaders living off the bountiful capital created by 1,500 years of a Christian-based culture, would thumb their noses at the very source of their abundant wealth?

But not all upwardly mobile men and women have become enamored of the atheistic trendiness of today. There may be a mocking billboard hulking over downtown New York City, but there’s also another banner that is being quietly raised across this bustling metropolis of Anything Goes. Continue reading

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A Winter Solstice Contemplation

The Winter Solstice is a time for celebration but also a time for reflection. And since my Celtic and Germanic heritage has offered me both a pagan and a Judeo-Christian foundation of faith, I offer up a few ecumenical thoughts to ponder. Continue reading

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The NRA and the Gun Control Debate

How many more atrocities will need to occur in our country before all our 2nd Amendment crusaders out there get an effective offense up and running? Instead of playing endless defense when it comes to our right to bear arms, how about recognizing that a problem really does exist when it comes to the availability of guns in America and then actually develop ways to face the issue head on? Then perhaps we could save the lives of potential victims of gun violence and not be caught with our pants down each and every damn time some pathetic nut goes off on a rampage. Continue reading

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Punishing Psychiatrists for the Crimes of their Patients

It would appear that the French courts are taking a very hard-line when it comes to the dodgy therapeutic outcomes of the psychological services. Perhaps here in America we should also begin to ponder a better approach to the accountability factor for the psychiatric Brahmins of the mental health profession, especially considering that some of their scary ‘clients’ are out and about murdering children. Continue reading

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To Succeed in Politics, Write a Good Story

Whether in a book or in a political campaign, it is the character-driven story that strikes the strongest chord with the reader or with the voter. And every good story has its heroes and its villains. In this past political go-round, the super stars, as framed by the Left, were the victims of a cold, male-dominated conspiracy to crush the downtrodden. Continue reading

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Gun Control or Psychotropic Pill Control?

Why does America always bounce from one extreme to another? Right through the 1970s, we institutionalized almost everybody and their mother. It only took the word of a relative to get some poor schmo locked away in the local booby hatch indefinitely. Today, we have slid to the other end of the mental health spectrum, leaving frightened family members and John and Jane Q Public at the non-existent mercy of the mad mental machinations of a demented son or daughter. Continue reading

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The Unbearable Stupidity of Conservatives—The Mayberry Syndrome

Have you ever scratched your head in total bewilderment over the state of American society today? Have you ever wondered what the hell happened out there in the good ole USA while you were busy making those mortgage payments and raising those kids? Well, look no further than the blog post over at Human Events to get an answer to your plaintive query.

It’s really embarrassing to read such pathetically naive gibberish. It’s like listening to a grown man telling us that babies should really come from the stork but now that those evil liberals have sullied the birth experience by indulging in sexual intercourse, we better get in the game pronto before we’re totally extinct. Continue reading

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Conservatives Discover Cultural Warfare—Better Late Than Never, I Guess

Ah, the great minds of the conservative movement! To not only grasp that culture matters but to also brilliantly leap to the next logical conclusion that one must go where the voter lives in order to get the message across. Wow! What intelligence! What genius! Could it be that conservative cultural retardation is actually curable??? Could we be witnessing the most spectacular moment in our constitutional history when conservatives become—gasp!—CULTURAL PLAYERS??? Continue reading

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Masculine Women and Feminine Men

But of course, some folks always have to push the boat out just a little too far, a little too fast. Challenges to standard norms and expectations can at times be innovative and trend-setting, while at other points in history, the out-and-out disparagement of tradition brings only backlash, resentment, and fear.

By 1932, the realities of a crashing stock market, deflation, and mass unemployment brought the roaring 1920s and all its free love exhilaration to a screeching halt. Those flaunted, hip, and popular perversions were pushed right back into the cultural wardrobe with a loud bang of the closet door. Continue reading

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The Cause of Homosexuality: More ‘Scientific’ Hogwash

Now that the ridiculous ‘scientific’ declaration that homosexuality is strictly genetically determined—an article of faith fiercely held by the adherents of white homosexual privilege—has landed in the dust heap of faux facts, we are now presented with another ‘it ain’t their fault’ fallacy. Yep, yet another government-funded research project to uncover the politically correct cause of gayness.

Take a gander at the latest bit of politically driven, queer-pandering bullshit masquerading as ‘science’. These academic bozos claim to have unlocked the puzzle of why people turn out gay. Continue reading

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Union Goons Attack Reporter in Michigan

Steven Crowder, a Fox News contributor and conservative activist, found himself on the receiving end of union violence and spittle-enhanced obscenities yesterday during demonstrations in Lansing, Michigan. The assault and battery on Crowder and the violent acts committed against others were all playfully described by the mainstream media as a boisterous day in the state capital (Brian Williams, NBC News). Continue reading

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A Salute to Frank Sinatra: That’s Life, Baby

If anyone knew about the ups and downs, the highs and lows of living life, Sinatra sure did. From a scrawny little punk out of Hoboken, New Jersey to a tough enterprising competitor in music, film, and television, Ol’ Blue Eyes held sway over the American public through 6 decades. And Francis Albert Sinatra took crap from no one—he’d bust our politically correct world wide open. Happy Birthday, Frank. Continue reading

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Running Rampant in NYC

Mayor Bloomberg, that paternalistic political hack who believes he has been anointed by the secular gods of Progressivism to police the food choices of his childlike citizens, might want to turn his divine attention away from the soft targets of snacks and sodas and spend just a little bit of time dealing with the real hardcore public health issues impacting New York City. But of course, that would mean courageously confronting the fatal personal choices made by many minorities and gay men, and of course, it would also mean taking on the cannibalizing liberal culture that supports and sustains sexually promiscuous and irresponsible lifestyles. Continue reading

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Gender Gerrymandering: The War Against Boys

If you would like to get a frightening glimpse into our feminist future then simply take a gander at what is happening in the progressively grotesque paradise known as Sweden. For in this very cold and politically calculating Scandinavian landscape, any poor sod ever daring to publicly portray those gender-based heretical behaviors that come so naturally to most little boys and girls is in for a whole lot of heavy-handed governmental guff. Continue reading

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor in Pictures Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke Auctioned Off for 400 Bucks

What would you pay for an ‘intimate’ hour with Sandra Fluke? What bang for your buck do you think you’d get from 60 enthralling online minutes in the presence of this cossetted concubine of the progressive socialist movement?

Certainly, Ms. Fluke’s years of slaving away to earn her daily bread would provide an hour’s worth of wonder….oops, wait a minute, she’s never actually worked a hard day in her spoiled and very privileged 30-year life. Ok, well then it must surely be her glowing years of selfless service to the downtrodden and poor, offering up her numinous talents to improve the lives of others….oops, wrong again. Now wait a minute here….surely this Democrat dame has done something with her snooty white middle-class life that would justify auctioning off an hour of Fluke’s time to the genetically gullible. Continue reading

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Why We Lost the Election: It’s the Culture, Stupid!

Yep, the media is stacked against us. Yep, the universities indoctrinate students with Left-wing nonsense. Yep, too many people are looking for a handout. Yep, we get it. Well, at least some of us get it. But the query that continues to go unasked, let alone actually answered is: Where do we go from here?

What is the bloody game plan? If the media is the enemy, how will we strike off the hoary heads of this corrupt hydra and cripple its ability to control the entertainment industry, the publishing world, the news outlets? If the battle isn’t in the voting booth but rather in the minds of the voting population than how do we dismantle the educational propaganda machine that holds sway over the mental and emotional attitudes of our children and young adults?
Continue reading

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