Palestinians and Arabs: The Left’s Middle East Muppets

Horror of Horrors—Jews Fighting Back!

As Steven Crowder so succinctly summed up in his video, the tag line for that silly bunch of self-deluded Left-wing penis pumpers quaintly known as Queers for Palestine is simply:

We’re Here, we’re Queer, we’re Dead! 

So all you good little gay boys who just love to prance around with your progressive hetero pals, make sure when visiting that vacation paradise of pre-historic Palestine, to wear your sexy nancy-assed chaps on arrival.  Cause these pathetic self-oppressed pricks are out to play one hell of a mean anti-queer S/M scene.  Have a fun time!

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2 Responses to Palestinians and Arabs: The Left’s Middle East Muppets

  1. meredithancret says:

    You have to love Steven Crowder. He’s right on the money. Groups like Queers for Palestine are, simply put, morons.

  2. AtlanticGirl says:

    LOL! Exactly! I don’t understand how they don’t GET this point.

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