The New York Times Discovers Republican Lesbians

Conservative lesbians really exist!  And how do I know?  Because the New York Times has just discovered us!  Like uncovering a rare species that flies in the face of the liberally defined political facts of life, the New York Times has tentatively exposed their Democrat devotees to a published presentation exhibiting those very contrary unicorns of the LGBT community: Republican Lesbians.

Although the Republican Party has long drawn gay men who believe in the party’s message of small government and a strong military, Republican lesbians are a rare political breed.

There is no way to measure the true numbers, but gay activists say that in many cases, these “unicorns” were Republicans before they were gay — driven by conservative upbringings, economic issues and libertarian principles.  They often did not acknowledge their sexual orientation, even to themselves, until middle age.  New York Times

For the most part, the women highlighted in Sarah Wheaton’s article all adhere to the same life scenario and don’t really reflect the full spectrum of conservative and libertarian lesbians. But the article is fair-minded and totally free of the usual snark and condescending commentary that typically ooze from this paper’s so very superior pages.

The comment section is well worth the read.  The absolute outrage vented toward the lesbians portrayed in the article, and also at the very concept of conservative women-loving-women, is a hoot and a half.  Ms. Wheaton’s article really shook up the puritanically progressive Holy Fathers and Mothers of the liberal establishment.

Click on the link to read the article, and if you’re of a mind, add your comment to the 300 plus already posted.  I added my two cents worth under the handle of Les Con.  Don’t let those anonymous ‘gay activists’ tell the world who we really are and what we’re all about.  Put your face forward and blow their Democratically demented minds.

And thanks to Paula for pointing out the article to me.

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13 Responses to The New York Times Discovers Republican Lesbians

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  2. Andreaux says:

    It was THIS article and your wonderfully-posed response that brought me to your blog.
    Cheers from a white anglo-saxon straight male!

  3. erins1911 says:

    Fair enough, Paula. And if the gist of the venom was toward Republican policy, I’d be with you. But that’s not the focus of the negative comments. They are focused on chiding, rejecting, dismissing and insulting not the political views of, but the lesbians themselves who dare to disagree with them about politics.

    And I’m still waiting for someone to draw the connection they see between sexual orientation and political orientation. When I discovered that I was a lesbian, it was not like I lost my ability to think critically. I simply don’t agree with the Democrat party and its philosophy that government is always the answer to every societal ill.

  4. angel says:

    Libertarian, married mother of two, and appalled that anyone, left right or center thinks they can force a fellow human being to choose a political leaning any more than they can make them choose a sexual orientation. Y’all have my support!

  5. erins1911 says:

    Hey! Proud Unicorn here 😉 It’s hilarious to me that that one line I said the the reporter became a theme of the article.

    • Well, you Unicorns really shook up the NYT’s readership. I loved it. I think our existence really does threaten them.

    • Cathy Smith says:

      Hi, Erin! Fellow interviewee here. I don’t dare tell my Catholic mother to read all the comments. Her prayer list for lost souls is already too long! Love the hatred being spewed towards us! Reminds me of the old adage, “Love me or hate me. Just don’t be indifferent to me!” ~Cathy

      • erins1911 says:

        It reminds me of something I used to tell my kids after they called me a jerk for rejecting one of their demands. I would say that it was not a good rhetorical tool to insult someone you are trying to persuade 😉 And sadly for them, because their mom’s a lawyer, they knew what rhetoric meant.

        • Cathy Smith says:

          Moms know best! It was sad to read all of the vitriolic messages about how we are the party of hatred…insightful, they are not.

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