Michael: A Conservative Profile

Who Are We?

This is Michael:

First the background – I am 50-ish white gay male, trained as a Licensed Clinical Social worker and in a domestic partnership  with a black man from Belize – when I tell people that I am a Reagan conservative they (mostly liberals – never conservatives)  just can’t seem to wrap their brains around that possibility  – and then proceed to tell me how the “Republicans” would never support me as a gay man.  As a gay conservative, I now find it very interesting that people in general have no problem with the “gay” part – but they do with the conservative part.

My partner of 10 years and I are very prominent in our community partly because of our extensive community involvement and opening of our home to charitable functions.  The majority of our closest friends are moderate to conservative and see us as transcending our gayness just the same as my partner transcends being black – we never deny these characteristics, they are just singular aspects of who we are.  I frequently tell people that we are “small g” gay versus Big G.  It’s possible that this makes it safer for them to embrace us – but embrace us they do.

We’ve had very conservative people say very positive things about us as a gay couple in very public forums.  Many in our community would tell you that we’ve done more to promote healthy and positive gay images to the community than any demanding activist ever has.  Winning hearts and minds comes from presenting ourselves as being more similar to our straight counterparts than not.  Often to their surprise, we are just like them in many ways.

I am constantly reminding my liberal friends that all of these social issues that are hills worth dying on for them will matter very little if we have a country bankrupt under the weight of the debt we are amassing.  They either don’t understand this issue or don’t care.  The piece that they fail to understand each time they sell themselves to the government for the next handout is that they lose freedom that will never return.  I believe strongly that we’ve reached a tipping point that is going to take a revolution to reset.  I pray that I am wrong.

Thanks, Michael.

And I would like to encourage everyone who visits TLC to feel free to contact me and share a little bit about themselves and their viewpoints.  I will publish your bio/comments on the main home page here, but of course, will only identify you in whatever way you feel comfortable.  Just click on the Contact Me tab and then fire away.

Come on now, add your own individual essence to our conservative mosaic.

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