Dan: A Conservative Profile

Who are we?  When we describe ourselves as conservative, when we use that defining word to offer to the world a summation of our personal political and social beliefs, just who are we declaring ourselves to be?

It seems that so many people, on both sides of the political spectrum, have a stereotypic view of just who a real conservative is supposed to be or at least should be.  For instance, how often have we heard the declaration that lesbians and gay men can’t be conservative by virtue of their sexual orientation?  And I would warrant that our conservative fold has many more such wrinkles in its complex fabric.

So I think it’s high time we got to know each other.  And to that end, I would like to invite you all, my fellow conservatives and other like-minded travelers, to tell us a little about yourselves and what you believe.  Your profile can be a few sentences, a paragraph or two, or as long as you want it.  Share whatever you feel is important to you.  I will post your bio on the home page here and I promise to edit sparingly.

And so first out of the shoot today is Dan.  Dan contacted me last week during the post-election communal plunge into the Slough of Despond.  He has given his permission to be the first in what I hope will be a series of informal conservative bios.

From Dan:

I found your site by accident, and I’m very glad I did.  A little about me: I’m male, 42, married, straight, 3 kids (2 girls, one boy) who are 11, 8 and 2 1/2.  My little one is a girl adopted from China.

I am an undisciplined Buddhist, I need to be better.  And I am a conservative.  Having made that introduction, I do not care who someone loves, or likes enough to have sex with.  I do not think biology dictates a person’s worth, I think what they do does.  I think the single most immoral thing one person can do to another is teach them to depend.

I think supporting someone based on race is as racist (intolerant) as opposing someone on race.  I think the same way about gender, sexuality, you name it.  If a person is a moral individual (as defined by Ayn Rand) and their level of healthy selflessness outweighs their unhealthy selfishness, I think that’s as good as it gets on this planet.

My best friends in the world are first my wife and second Stacy and Heather, a married lesbian couple.  Also conservatives.  I’m not sure if they’ve heard of your site, but they will.

I like to think my wife and I and Stacy and Heather represent the  re-branding of conservatism.  Simply put, be good to yourself, others, and make more of a contribution than you consume.  And anyone can bitch, but don’t give yourself permission to.  There are plenty of things for which to be grateful.

I think conservatives’ single biggest mistake currently is that they are abysmal at articulating the conservative position, which in turn gives liberals a wide open opportunity to control the narrative.  And that’s what it all comes down to: the narrative.

Clearly, articulating conservatism is more difficult than explaining liberalism.  For example, describing how to make a payroll is more challenging than saying Pay Your Fair Share, War on Women, Racism, etc.  So we need to get much, much better at articulating and we need to get much, much better forcing liberals to define their terms so they don’t get away with vagueness.  A liberal says Pay Your Fair Share, so ask them for a number—30%, 40%, 100%?  Ask if millionaires and billionaires apply only to individuals or groups as well.  Invariably, they will say groups too.  When they do, explain that hundreds of universities have enormous endowments and generate huge amounts through athletics.  Yet they have non-profit status that excludes them from taxes.  So I agree, they should pay their fair share.  (Harvard has a 1 billion dollar endowment!!! And it has been a liberal/socialist mill for decades).  Can we at least tax endowments over $50 million?

I have more thoughts, specifically on the election and its deleterious effect on people like us, both individually and our country as a whole.  I do think there is still light at the end of the tunnel. At any stage of opposition, liberals love for their opponents to become disheartened by perceptions of liberal inevitability—they think they’re morally infallible. Kind of like the Divine Right of Kings of the past.

Now is the most necessary time for a well-articulated counter narrative. And remember, the one most responsible for liberalism in this country won 4 terms!  4!  That was Roosevelt who vacated the White House only because he died.  It must have been unbelievably awful for people like us then.

Liberals quit because of all their excuses and their ill-defined fairness and emotion-driven lives.  I teach my kids that their brain is the donkey, their heart and stomach are the cart. Don’t reverse them, you aren’t liberals. Tell me your thoughts, not your feelings.  They are really starting to get it.

Yes, I could go on and on.  Thanks for your time.  And I’m very glad I found your site.

Thanks, Dan.

I would like to encourage folks who visit TLC to feel free to contact me and share a little bit about themselves and their viewpoints.  I will publish your bio/comments on the main home page, but of course, will only identify you in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Come on, add your biographical piece to the conservative mosaic.

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