November 6, 2012: The Day the Music Died

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11 Responses to November 6, 2012: The Day the Music Died

  1. ndjmom says:

    I never thought I would weep (yes a difference between weeping and crying) over election results. But I did,…sat in the living room by myself, clinging to my Twitter account begging for an outcry of a recount, investigations on fraud,…but it didn’t happen. I wept when I heard a concession speech would be made and turned off the TV. I couldn’t watch.

    • I know exactly how you felt. And I’ve come to the conclusion that looking to the current crop of what passes for conservative leadership will continue to take us down the road to failure. I believe the main focus of our struggle must be on the cultural pillars of our society. We have to shake up each and every institution that pushes a progressive agenda and we have to get aggressive. Whether we are able to shift gears here and begin to use the playbook that has worked wonders for the Left remains to be seen.

  2. I didn’t read much about politics or watch television today. As a Canadian and friend to people on this blog all I can say is my condolences. And I feel your pain. Without getting all philosophical about things, it feels a little like the beginning of something. Hard to say what though.Seems like you’re a house divided, much like my own country. Our next election will likely see our own Obama voted in. A socialist drama teacher with a famous daddy and really cool hair. Calls Castro uncle, or some such thing. Its a seemingly endless fight between good and evil. Between people who are blind followers and people who cherish more than just hollow words spoken by a front man with a teleprompter or a drama teacher with really cool hair. Thanks for letting me say my piece. Surely something good will spring forth from the turmoil to follow.

  3. Dan says:

    I sincerely hope all these gushing liberals enjoy their healthcare exchanges and an extraordinarily Darwinistic job market for future generations as citizens and companies struggle to pay for those exchanges instead of using that revenue to hire. Having said that, i do think we need options for affordable healthcare. But why do all problems have to be solved by a federal government? Are all market based solutions bad by nature? If yes, does that not make one close minded? Yep, history was made.
    Oh, and the Brain Drain which has already begun. Google that encouraging phenomenon from the former Soviet Union. Simply put, the best and brightest leave for greener pastures. However, in the US not only do they leave, but immigrants come here, get educated (many times we pay for this through student loans) and then they leave.

    • Marcus says:

      My father’s health insurance is already being cancelled, he’s bing moved over to an exchange. My bil’s company told them if obamacare is not repealed they will cancel their insurance and pay the fines. people I know who are gloating on Facebook are a gay man who’se been on the family dole since entering adulthood decades ago, and an unwed blackout alcoholic mother whose child should be taken away.
      And I’m the bad guy.

  4. AtlanticGirl says:

    God help us.
    I can’t move. I fell I literally can’t move. I held the notion that it was going to rigged…and I fully believe it was. In at least Ohio and PA, they bused in loads of non-English speaking people who had “interpreters” “helping” them vote. Illegal, no?

  5. The_Kat™ says:

    So I’m not the only one who thought of Don McLean’s American Pie song. That was the first thing that came to mind when I learned the devastating news. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. It was awesome knowing you. Hopefully we will meet again.

  6. Bria says:

    This is a good description of my feelings from Twitter: @ctiberius: Everything I believe was drug into the streets yesterday and executed by revolutionaries.

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