The Senate Race in Pennsylvania is Neck-and-Neck

Just one month ago, Bob Casey, Democrat Senator for the Keystone State, had his reelection prospects securely tucked away in the Pennsylvania politics-as-usual political bag.  Or so Mr. Casey and his many minions had assumed, for certainly all the pollsters proclaimed that Mr. Casey would beat his Republican rival, Tom Smith, by quite a comfortable margin.  Not to worry, Bobby boy, your reelection is a sure thing shoe-in.

But to keep his political hand in play, Mr. Casey began running a series of campaign ads just to show the electorate he wasn’t taking them completely for granted.  Unfortunately for Mr. Casey, the ad chosen by his campaign honchos that appeared on people’s TV screens across the Keystone state actually helped, not Mr. Casey, but his opponent, Tom Smith.

Apparently, the Left-leaning brain trust running the Casey campaign had presumed that the people of Pennsylvania all lived in Philadelphia and therefore viewed the Tea Party movement as some kind of evil entity.  What a shock for them to discover that many Seniors in the state actually belonged to Tea Party organizations and actively supported a political platform of limited government.

Casey’s progressive henchmen also had nary a clue that many of the state’s Tea Party groups were staffed and run by retirees.  And how alarming for the Casey crowd when they found out that Pennsylvania’s Seniors weren’t the passive and easily manipulated Medicare morons these arrogant politicos thought they were.

As of today, in this very Blue State of Pennsylvania, Tea Party Tom Smith is in a dead heat with Bone Head Bob Casey.

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