Romney Rally in Ohio: 30,000 Voters!

It’s Not Yes We Can

It’s Yes We Will!

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11 Responses to Romney Rally in Ohio: 30,000 Voters!

  1. Marcus says:

    When I was a young Marine we used to have annual charity drives for Navy Relief. Where the Red Cross MIGHT lend a needy military family money, Navy Relief GAVE it to them. They were responsive to us, and we knew not to depend on the Red Cross.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    My heart breaks for those poor people in New Jersey and New York. The women being interviewed on Fox News made me want leave Colorado and volunteer to help in some way. I will be donating to Samaritan’s Purse, Rev. Franklin Graham’s relief organization. Rev. Billy Graham was in my world as I was growing up and I’ve always respected him. I’m happy his son has taken over in such a positive way.

    The photo op Obama secured with Chris Christie in New Jersey was transparent. He ran off to Las Vegas again for others to be holding the bag. I also pray that Mitt will come through in a huge way.

    Mitt’s rally in Ohio must have been a happening, kind of like the one at Red Rocks. It was moving.

    • Folks are saying that Mitt’s rally was the biggest in presidential campaign history. MITTmentum!

    • And just a comment about Billy Graham….After Romney met with Graham a couple of weeks ago, all the anti-Mormon, ‘it’s a cult’ stuff, was wiped from the Billy Graham website and Mitt was told he had Graham’s full support. The Christian evangelicals have had an epiphany.

      • Kerry says:

        Love Samaritan’s Purse, they are a great organization. Chris Christie made me angry. Kissing B.O.’s rear. Ulterior motives obviously. I know I am probably way late to this but have you seen this video?

        • Thanks for this, Kerry–no, I hadn’t seen it. It’s a great video.

          Dan Savage is a total scumbag and really does deserve to be called a pervert. That the likes of this piece of garbage is given access to kids and is hailed as a gay leader and talking head (pun intended) is an absolute disgrace.

  3. Kerry says:

    I am hoping and praying! I really wish he had capitalized on Benghazi. Have you seen the new Red Cross commercial with Obama? I am so disappointed they allowed their organization to become so blatantly politicized. Done with them…giving all of my charitable money to Christian organizations like World Vision and so forth because they don’t seem to meddle with our don’t really care about America,pathetic political opportunist President.

    • The Red Cross–wouldn’t give them a dime. They are doing a terrible job working with the hurricane victims in Staten Island–they were absolutely unprepared and/or unwilling to offer any relevant assistance to these poor folks. And their disgraceful conduct after 9/11 when they basically kept all the millions of dollars they collected in the name of that tragic event and had to be shamed into actually giving some of the money to help the survivors.

      The momentum is with Mitt, but keep praying, Kerry.

    • Paula says:

      I thought it was just me with this Red Cross commercial. That was pure stupid politics — I wonder how many dollars they won’t see from that alone.

      Could California be leaning right? Why else would there be a political commercial here, featuring none other than faker in chief? Ahhh, just dreamin’. I mean, dreaming of some unexpected electoral votes!


      • I think O’s ads in PA and CA are indicative of his campaign’s concern about getting the out. When a campaign has to spend bucks advertising to their base, that means they’re in trouble.

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