Forget the Women’s Vote—It’s the Men that Count

If you have grown so very weary of the on-and-on blather that hypes the so-called significance of the super special women’s vote, then you can take to heart the latest statistical download from the survey folks at Gallup.

It would appear that our pushed-aside and denigrated brothers are claiming a bigger impact on this presidential election than the female-focused pundits would like to admit.

Just look at the following stats: among likely male voters, Romney now has a 14% lead over Obama.  So it’s not just Mister O’s slip-sliding away cachet with women that is taking a plunge.

And the moral to this statistical story?  Well, to hit a presidential home run, it’s not just the vagina vote that will win the big day.  And the best advice any political power hitter can offer comes back to that simple old chestnut of cherished wisdom: never take your eye off the balls.

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