Romney Out-Polling History

Polls, polls, polls.  We hate them, we love them, we ignore them, we covet them.  Political polls are indeed the sullied crazy-making bane of our ordinary voting existence.  And election year 2012 has offered the exhausted electorate the most manipulated mess of mathematical jiggery-pokery in modern political times. But even with all the pro-Obama finagling that’s been afoot over the past several weeks, the stupidly distorted sampling of these propaganda surveys can’t hide the Romney reality.

At this point in the race, Romney is out-polling the past.  Romney is….

  • Where Jimmy Carter was in 1976 (47%)

  • Where Ronald Reagan was in 1980 (39% — Carter was six points up)

  • Where George H.W. Bush was in 1988 (50%)

  • Where Bill Clinton was in 1992 (40%)

  • Where George W. Bush was in 2000 (48%)

  • Where Barack Obama was in 2008 (49%)

Just some political food for thought.

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5 Responses to Romney Out-Polling History

  1. I don’t think any landslides will occur this year, except the geologic kind. I will be satisfied if most people actually vote. Enjoyed your poll list.

  2. The_Kat™ says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Romney is able to pull through. I have been fantasizing about him winning by a major landslide a la Ronald Reagan. Love your blog btw even though I don’t post, I still lurk!

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