Detroit Paramedic Punished for Giving a Blanket to Fire Survivor

When Jeff Gaglio, a Detroit paramedic, gave a blanket to an elderly man who had been rescued from a burning building in the middle of the night wearing only his underwear, little did he imagine he would be facing charges of misconduct for ‘giving away’ government property.  In the hell-hole that is Detroit, it’s apparently considered a work code violation for emergency personnel to properly care for the victims of a house fire.

Jerald James, the Chief of Emergency Medical Services who is pushing for disciplinary action against Gaglio, stood by his actions when confronted by the local Fox News channel.

We can’t have an employee who feels that they have a right to give away state property without getting prior approval.

The notorious bit of blanket causing all the controversy actually was donated to the EMS and didn’t cost the cash-strapped cesspool of the city of Detroit or the state of Michigan one damn dime.

How really sad that some supervisory sap wouldn’t think twice about violating the mission statement of his own EMS to punish an employee.  But are we shocked and surprised?  Nah.  Nice to know though that there is a big movement afoot to right this ridiculous wrong.

I think Mr. James needs to have his uncaring consciousness raised just a little and perhaps standing outside in his underwear for a couple of hours during a cold crisp Michigan Autumn night might actually do the trick.

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