The Biden Buffoon—The Joke’s on Joe

It’s All a Joke to Jackass Joe

We’ll see who has the last laugh

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2 Responses to The Biden Buffoon—The Joke’s on Joe

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Joe Biden was so embarrassing. I wonder what his wife thought.
    I wish someone would reassure me that Obama hasn’t found a way to cheat at the election. I already think he’s done so much damage with dividing America that he could just sit back and watch how Mitt would clean it up. I can’t help think that there will be riots if Obama does lose.

    • I think any violence that might occur won’t be spontaneous–it would all be orchestrated and pushed by an overwhelmingly OWS-like clientele.

      And right now, poor Mrs. Biden is probably wondering how much she could get out of Joe in a divorce settlement. Is extreme buffoonery grounds for divorce in Delaware?

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