Lara Logan—Telling the Truth about Terrorism

Lara Logan, CBS foreign correspondent, speaks truth to the progressive powers that be about the realities of the war in Afghanistan and the overall War on Terror.  Having survived the attack of the Arab Spring mobs in the streets of Cairo, Ms. Logan, who has spent years as a reporter embedded in the dangerous wastelands of Afghanistan, knows a thing or two about US foreign policy and the Obama administration’s appeasement program.

Listen to her riveting speech at the annual Better Government Associate gathering in Chicago.  This woman is a smart, savvy, and courageous investigative reporter who focuses on actual facts as opposed to the rest of the mainstream media which dishonorably places political pandering ahead of the truth.

“If you fail to identify the ideological component to this fight, if you fail to identify what your enemy is really fighting for, if you lie about who they really are, I don’t see how you could possibly have the right strategy.”

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