Stacey Dash Appears on Piers Morgan—Black Actress for Romney

After getting smacked with racial hate on Twitter for daring to back Mitt Romney for President, actress Stacey Dash found a supportive interview format on MSNBC with the likes of Piers Morgan.

Democrats don’t like uppity African Americans who dare to walk away from the progressive plantation.  Note that Ms. Dash did not receive a concerned telephone call from Barack Obama—Mister O has been way too busy cozying-up with the likes of Sandra Fluke for a little gender gerrymandering.

Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, however, did find the time to give Ms. Dash an encouraging call.

America’s eyes are now wide open.

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6 Responses to Stacey Dash Appears on Piers Morgan—Black Actress for Romney

  1. Mary says:

    Clueless is one of my all time favorite movies, after Princess Bride of course 🙂 I applaud these brave folks for bucking the trend. We have a black man running for our city council and he is conservative. He is getting less press than his running mates. Another candidate running for city council is gay, he is liberal and the media is making a big deal about him We have never had a black man or a gay man run for city council in our little town. Guess who gets more press? How completely insulting to both. Guess who’s sign I have in my yard?

    • The gay liberal pet or the free-thinking black man—the media can’t handle true diversity.

      • Mary says:

        So true!!!! I found you through a web search when I heard there were gay men targeted and shot by Muslim men in San Francisco and I had heard NOTHING about it on the news. Barbara Simpson on KSFO was telling the story. I was horrified that first off, there were young men being shot at in San Francisco. I have 2 sons, this caused me concern. How do you pick and choose what gets reported in the news in good conciousness? Isn;t a crime a crime? Are my boys, God forbid, worth less in the eyes of popular opinion (lame stream media) if they are not gay and not targeted by other white men? I just don;t get it. If I was the parent of one if these kids who was shot I would be raising holy hell.

        I love what Rush says about conservatism. Conservatives want everybody to succeed.

        I just learned that my conservative city council candidate was at one point homeless, and has turned his life around, but oh wait, he is conservative, NEVER MIND!!!!! No story here, just move along….. I guess I am on my soap box tonight,

    • The Left is ‘clueless’ if they think that they can forever manipulate Black America into stooging for them.

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