Multimillionaire Ken Burns—Apologist for PBS Funding

Ken Burns, the producer and director of such PBS documentaries as The Civil War and Baseball, and with a new documentary ready to air on PBS this November, has taken to the print media to proclaim his support for the continued funding of public broadcasting.

As we all know, Mister Burns is not exactly a disinterested unbiased man-in-the-street when it comes to taxpayer handouts for the free-loading cultural elite at PBS.  This guy makes millions from the sale of his products to PBS and their affiliates, profiting from the relationship he has cultivated over the years with this non-profit entity.  The PBS outlet also shelters Mister Burns from the horror of hawking his documentaries in the much harder row to hoe of the open market.

Burns makes the usual tug-at-the-heart plea for continued taxpayer monetary support for PBS in his USA Today editorial, a plea that quite frankly has become nothing more than a trite self-serving piece of progressive baloney.

And many of the readers of USA Today have come to the same obvious conclusion, including these pithy commenters:

Get a grip!  PBS is NOT a national treasure and it is nearly SELF SUPPORTING already.  If we are INCAPABLE of cutting a program so LITTLE in need of federal dollars how can we CONCEIVABLY make the HARD choices about BALANCING the budget and REDUCING the deficit. ALL this is simply MORE proof that FAR too many people believe that the U.S has both UNLIMITED capital and UNLIMITED obligations.

Ken Burns is little more than a professional grant-writer on the public teat. Has he ever had to pitch a single production to real investors looking for a real audience?  Has he ever made anything besides ‘Civil War’ that is not boring, mediocre crapola?  Public funding for any artistic endeavor ends up destroying real creativity and replacing it with PC tripe. I present Burns as Exhibit A.

If you aren’t willing to cut support for a program that can support itself in this budget environment, under what conditions would you be willing to cut ANYTHING?


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